8 Ridiculous Dating Superstitions That You May Have Been a Part of

Ridiculous relationship & Dating Superstitions That You May Have Been a Part of

Are you, unfortunately, one of those who think that, like everything else, dating also has some superstitions attached to it? Do you really think relationship superstitions exist? Ever wore a lucky pair of pumps for all your first dates? Or canceled a date just because it’s Tuesday? Well, you are not the only one who follows dating superstitions religiously. 

Now, we decided to take a look at some of the widely followed dating superstitions about love, even though it’s one of the days we should not be talking about dating and love (lol). If you’re nodding at these, oops! 

dating superstitions about black cat

  • Ah! This superstition!

Did you know that 17th August is celebrated as Black Cat Appreciation Day? We are sure you don’t because you still wait for someone else to cross the road first if you see a black cat crossing it before you. Try googling the origin of this superstition, and you’ll find hundreds of them, all made up and false. Black cats getting a bad rap only because they look sneaky is not acceptable. Try talking to 10 people about this, and you’ll find none of them saying that something bad happened with them because a cat crossed their way. So next time, if your date cancels on you because of a black cat, it’s better you cancel on them! 

dating superstitions when picking the petals off a flower

  • It’s Okay, You can laugh at your stupidity!

This is one of the worst superstitions about love anybody could and should believe. Try picking the petals and asking them if ghosts love me. Suppose the answer is yes; all the best! We understand that you are in love, and even a ray of hope is enough to fill you with excitement, but doing some insane and stupid pieces of stuff like these won’t help. The way out is, go and ask them what they feel about you. That’s how you will know if they LOVE YOU or NOT! Also, you can’t fight with them because the petal said Yes (lol). 

relationship & dating superstitions about hiccups

  • Stop blushing and go have a glass of water, fool!

Try believing the cause of hiccups to be involuntary contractions of your diaphragm. It’s not very hard. If you want to argue that it really stopped when I thought of my crush, how’s his girlfriend? Oh, it’s not you? Sad! But he likes you because your hiccups stopped. You can’t be falling for these superstitions because they hold no truth in themselves. These all are some made-up myths, stories and superstitions about hiccups with no solid roots. Not only should you not believe them, but also open the eyes of people who still think hiccups can give them love answers. 

dating superstitions about Knife

  • Really?!

Next time if you want to break up, just send them a really sharp knife, and they will automatically understand it’s over. Just kidding! How can a knife that’s used for preparing yummy dishes for your partner that’s the way to their heart can be a sign of break-up? Don’t you think it’s not fair with knives, bad-mouthing them this way! Please let objects be objects and do not make them enter the world of love, relationships, and dating. You never know, it can give birth to new dating superstitions, a long list for you to remember now.  

dating superstitions about first relationship

  • Nazar lag jayegi?!

First of all, how can someone fall for such dating superstitions? It’s completely non-sense. You got to discuss how your First Date was like with your best buddy, right? Your ‘date’ is not the right person to discuss your first date insights and unsaid thoughts with. Only your best friend has this right. Therefore, let’s debunk this superstition together and say goodbye to all others that exist! 

weird dating superstitions about scissors

  • How thoughtful, ladies! One of the best relationship superstitions is right here!

Everyone should use the same trick to see if your man is faithful or not. Also, if he’s pleading that he hasn’t done anything wrong or is faithful, please don’t listen to him because YOU DROPPED THE DAMN SCISSOR! That’s how you know the truth, and it’s the only way. If you two are doing some activity together that involves some DIY art, and if you drop the scissors, throw him out of the house because he is UNFAITHFUL. You two are over now. (it’s an all-time, lol)

dating superstitions if someone sweeps

  • Wow, sounds like magic!

Now, if you want your annoying sister or brother to be single forever, sweep over their feet daily. That way, you will spell the magic of singlehood on them. That way, they will never find the love of their life. That way, you can punish them for being all-time annoyers. But you know what will happen in reality, you will be single forever because you are too busy sweeping! Love can be blind, but following all these superstitions about love blindly is nothing but stupidity. 

dating superstitions about making call to your loved one

  • And their answer would be a Yes?

Well, then everyone should wait for three days for a YES from their crush. It shouldn’t be very hard because it’s a matter of three days only. But, wait, didn’t you hear three is a bit of an unlucky number for some weird reasons? And here, it’s supposed to be super-lucky. Don’t you think your mind is stuffed with all these unwanted things? Time to clean? Yes! 

Throw all these and more superstitions about love out of your mind and fill it with positivity and more love. 

Follow any dating superstitions? Share them with us!

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