5 myths on online dating- busted

Everyone does it, it’s just that no one likes to talk about it.
Come to think of it, online dating is merely a step before offline dating, isn’t it? It’s a free medium where you can get acquainted without the need to wear your best dress or getting rid of that scruffy look. In other words, it’s just convenient.
However, there are so many questions left unanswered when it comes to online dating. To help all the confused souls out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 myths about online dating.
Myth #1: It’s easier to meet single people in real life
Read the sentence above again. Is it really easy to meet people in real life? Between your long working hours and super tight schedule, can you squeeze in the time to meet, or even look for Mr. or Ms. Right? You don’t even have the time to keep in touch with your old buds, let alone meet someone new. However, you do spend enough time on your smartphone, how about you look for people where they are most likely to be found – online!
Myth #2: It’s embarrassing
Picture this, you approach a girl at the bar, ask her out with utmost style and she turns you down right away. Well, this doesn’t happen online. On our app, all you have to do is to ‘like’ a person to show that you’re interested. If they ‘like’ you too, you can start to chat. No amused audience, no awkward silence and no embarrassing moments. Save these for your first date 😉
Myth #3: It’s all about good looks
good looks

What you look like, isn’t the definite basis for building a relationship. At TrulyMadly, the trick to get clicking is through chemistry. We back this with our in-depth personality quizzes that get like-minded people in touch to establish a connection. Shared interests serve as meaty ice-breakers to never-ending conversations.
Myth #4: Yikes! What if he is a stalker?



If your chat graduates from “What’s up?” texts to stalker-level “Where the hell are you?” within weeks, then you will know, these people are best not to get started with. Take your time to know a person, only then reveal your address and your hangouts . If you get the feeling that something isn’t right while looking at their profile, or while chatting, give them a miss.
Even if he’s cute as hell.
Myth #5:  Online dating is all about fake profiles



You are dreading that the smart, hotshot attorney you met online, is really creepy? Isn’t this the scene even in real life? Trust your gut, whether you date online or off it. And sweetie, just like you, other people do have a life too. It’s not like the real life is easy; maintaining a double identity is a hard task in itself!
The team at TrulyMadly ensures that each profile is verified and cross checked diligently before they are allowed to like any match. Trust us! Just log on to #theloveapp and make your profile. You’ll be surprised how many people are bitten by the online dating bug. You might even bump into your friends out there.
Did we miss out on any other #onlinedating myths? We’d love to hear your take on this. Share us your comments at [email protected]
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