7 Most Eligible Startup Founders in India

startup founders in india

“Find a man who is passionate about one thing and life will cease to be dull.”

It is perhaps from this passion that entrepreneurs are born. The ones who take the road less traveled and go on to create history.

The ones who refuse to succumb to the 9-5 grind and instead take the path less traveled.

The leaders, the trailblazers, the game-changers, and definitely the most eligible ones! TrulyMadly brings you the seven most eligible startup founders in India you should know about!

1. Gaurav Munjal (Flatchat)

He is the man who tried creating connections between potential flat-mates. His idea behind the revolutionary Flatchat, an app that connects flat-mates was something ahead of the time.

A reassuring aura coupled with good-boy looks, Gaurav Munjal, founder of Flatchat, is most definitely on our list of eligible startup entrepreneurs in India!

gaurav munjalImage source: Yourstory

2. Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Rooms)

India’s youngest billionaire owns India’s largest chain of hotels, without actually owning a single property.

This young man won the coveted ’20 under 20′ Theil Fellowship and was mentored by the likes of Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg.

Slowly and steadily establishing his affordable homestay – OYO Rooms, Ritesh has enough and more reasons to be on our list of startup entrepreneurs in India.

ritesh agarwalImage courtesy: financialexpress

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3. Michael Pargal Lyngdoh (Tripoto)

Co-founder of Tripoto, this 34-year-old is shaking up the traveling scene in India and how! A passionate traveler with a killer smile, this is one of the startup founders in India you should be looking for as a cutie

Michael Pargal LyngdohImage courtesy: exchange4media

4. Rohit Chadda (FoodPanda) –

He was single at 31, this man didn’t get the time to date, but his undeniable good looks will make you wish that he did.

Establishing FoodPanda in India, Rohit, an IIM-Calcutta Alumnus, is the man to watch out for.

He is every girl’s dream come true as he might come bearing glorious food instead of flowers on the first date!

Rohit ChaddaImage courtesy: Linkedin

5. Anand Sinha (Pressplay) –

This ex-Zomato employee who went on to co-found Pressplay, an innovative entertainment solution during your traveling hours, is creating waves with his innovative product.

This eligible startup founder in India is a perfect choice as you can get together and watch your favorite television shows together on his network!

Anand SinhaImage courtesy: news18

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6. Sattvik Mishra (Scoopwhoop) –

Sattvik, the co-founder of ScoopWhoop, was an associate Creative Director at Webchutney before taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

He will probably floor you with his words and tell you 9 Ways to Impress On the First Date while he is at it!

Who doesn’t love a man with a great vocabulary who also happens to be the CEO of one of the biggest online portals of the country? Well, certainly a good choice as a startup founder in India.

Sattvik MishraImage courtesy: inc42

7. Rahul Yadav (Ex Housing) –

This list of eligible startup founders in India would be incomplete if we didn’t have the one who the media is claiming to be the Steve Jobs of India!

Once you look past his eccentric ways, you do see the spark of a genius who built a brilliant product that is Housing.com.

Last we heard, he was on the lookout for a girlfriend, although he finds women to be mysterious and difficult to understand! Any volunteers, ladies?

Rahul Yadav (Ex Housing) –Image courtesy: forbesindia

So these were the 7 most eligible startup founders in India that you should know about. If you are also looking for an ideal man like them, make sure to register yourself on the TrulyMadly dating app and find yours forever today.

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