5 Dating & Relationship Resolutions for the New Year-2016

Madhuri Banerjee is the bestselling author of six books including Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas that set the trend for erotic Chick Lits in India. She is a world traveler, an avid reader, a coffee addict, an amateur photographer, an Instagram addict, a doting mother, and a philosopher at heart. Follow her on twitter: @Madhuribanerjee
1. I will stop giving in to patterns! – How many years are you still going to go after the same office colleague, the hot chick in your colony, the married friend, etc? You need to break the patterns and find someone who truly gets you and with whom you can have a long, stable relationship. Break the pattern of falling in love with the wrong person. Know yourself and choose wisely!
2. I will stop finding excuses! – Oh I’m so lonely, Oh I’m too fat, Oh I’m too busy, Oh I’m so unhappy. Well then what are you waiting for? Get on an app and find someone, ask your friends, join a club, invite your colleague, call an old buddy. Not everything needs to end up in marriage or dating, but you can find someone to have a great time with on Friday night and that’s something you can build on later- or not!
3. I will stop breaking up after every fight! – When the going gets tough it’s easy to say, “Let’s break up” because there is always a possibility of something better out there. But if you have found someone who loves you and you truly love them, make it work. Fights are a part of life. Make the sacrifice if needed and ask for the compromise when you’re calmer. The relationship will work out!
4. I will not set high expectations! – No one is perfect. Not even you. If you want a handsome, beautiful, intelligent, caring, devoted partner, get a pet! The rich ones are taken. The ones with humour may be short. The ones with intelligence might be quiet. The ones who are sloppy might be brilliant. Let some things go and learn to enjoy the person for who he is instead of what you want them to be. Not everyone is going to fulfil every need of yours but they will give you that one thing you need. Understand that and live with it!
5. I will stop fooling myself and get real! – Maybe you’ve been alone too long or been in a bad relationship or dating several different people and convincing yourself that this is exactly what you want. Get real. If you really want a commitment, ask for it. If you want to travel with your partner ask for it and if you want to get out, believe in yourself and leave. Stop deluding yourself. Be strong for yourself this year. 2016 is the year of closure and new beginnings. Make it happen! 
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