19 Reasons Why You Desperately Need a Date Right Now

signs you should date

We have all had those times when we are out of the dating game for a while. And when we have nobody to get those warm cuddles from, after work or those goodnight calls at nights just before we go to sleep.

But that’s fine. Being single is not at all bad. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to spend more time with yourself and work on yourself!

But when it’s been too long since you last dated and it’s started to show in your lifestyle in all kinds of creepy and startling ways; these are probably the signs you should date someone right now. 

Here are some signs you are ready for a relationship.

#1 When you don’t feel like walking down the street to the parlor and getting your ‘grizzly bear’ arms waxed is the sign you should date someone. Get ready and go on a date, girl.

need-date-1-rest-bed-preity-veer-zaara-lazy-sleep-paajama, signs you should dateImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#2 You have been whiling away your time doing useless crap like teaching your dog to write.

need-date-2-dog-animal-confused-cuteImage source

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#3 When you have drunk dialed your ex and alternated between drunken sobs and guttural abuse is a sure-shot sign you are definitely ready for a relationship.


#4 You have watched all the seasons of sitcoms from Friends and Game of Thrones to Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai and Duck Tales, 5 times each. Now, don’t sit back and watch TV but find a perfect date for yourself.

need-date-4-kareena-i-love-crying-drunkImage source/ Reliance Entertainment

#5 The last time your phone rang, you had to search for it in the whole house and finally found it in the refrigerator. You should definitely need to go on a date if you see this happening with you.

need-date-6-pajama-kangana-queen-tthinkingImage source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

#6 The smell of your five-day-unwashed self has become your new identity. Give it a thought girl, it’s time to get yourself dressed, wear your favorite pair of jeans, and find a date for yourself.

need-date-7-akshay-smile-awkward-bhool-bhyulaiyyaImage source/ T-Series- Eros International

#7 If you ever realize your apartment has a tower of old pizza cartons with no history of ever sharing it with anyone other than you is a sign you should date someone.

need-date-8-week-3b-bored-watching-tv-deepika-padukone-om-shanti-omRed Chillies Entertainment

#8 You are done watching Netflix shows and it is time for you to go out and meet new people or probably date someone, even online dating would work.

need-date-9-found-search-proud-disneyImage source

#9 When your pillow has become your serious romantic interest is definitely a sign you should date someone and enjoy your life. Go out, explore the world with someone you love.


#10 You know it well, how it feels being third, fifth, or even ninth wheel is like. You don’t want to be the third wheel in your couple friends group or anyone’s relationship. So find yourself a date and make peace with it.

need-date-10-parents-kirron-kher-rishi-kapoorImage source

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#11 And food….that’s what you have become passionate about lately. You have been spending time cooking and learning new dishes lately in the kitchen is another sign you are ready for a relationship.

need-date-11-sonam-watching-tv-sad-ice-cream-i-hate-luv-storysImage source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

#12 You have seriously started to look for the reasons for your utter ‘singledom’ in your past karma.

need-date-12-tragic-3-group-photo-friends-znmdEros International

#13 When you have no count of how many times you’ve got wasted and wailed in front of your bestie for why you are still single. In this scenario, you don’t need any reason or sign to know that you are ready for a relationship.

need-date-13-single-hopless-lazy-sleep-simpsons-pillow-disneyImage source

#14 It’s been a while since you haven’t dated anyone and you have been telling your friends how you are going to die alone. But your friends won’t even argue with you on this anymore because you have been single for a long time now.

need-date-14-pupy-eat-lazy-dog-cuteImage source

#15 However, when sober, you make it perfectly clear how you are single only because you are not going to settle for anyone mediocre just for the sake of having a bae.

need-date-15-real-reason-of-being-single-funny-quote-sign-boardImage source

#16 When you see your friends are concerned about and have made an account for you on Truly Madly is definitely giving you signs you should date someone.

need-date-16-queen-kangana-friends-diana-crying-bestie-console-waterImage source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures 

#17 And of course, your worried family members also registered you on TrulyMadly.com who have seen you like this, watching TV the whole day and living a dull life. They are screaming now that you’re single and ready to mingle, are you?

need-date-17-quirky-4-genelia-dsouza-imran-jaane-tu-ya-jaane-na-crying-hug-couple-consoleAamir Khan Productions- Excel Entertainment

#18 You haven’t connected with new people for a long time- been busy cooking & watching TV series or teaching your dog. LOL. Here is another sign you should date someone and get to know new people.

need-date-18-aishwarya-rai-long-hair-braid-proud-style-tease-fun-enjoy-hum-dil-de-chuke-sanamImage source/ SLB Films

#19 And when you make yourself believe that being single is not that bad so that you can sleep at night.

need-date-19-forever-alone-crying-single-kajol-kuch-kuch-hota-haiImage sourceFeatured Image Source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures 

Going on a date can be fun, you get to connect with new people. Have you been single for a while? 

Catch all those signs you are desperate for love and let the magic of love happen! 

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