Single Ready to Mingle: 16 Times You Desperately Feel Like Getting Unsingled

single ready to mingle

Single ready to mingle? Your single self finally screamed enough is enough? First things first, being single is not that bad unless you face any of these situations, which are unfortunately quite frequent.

These and many more are the times when you desperately want that single tag out of the window and fill it up with ready for mingle!

#1 The most vicious bitch of all days, ‘Valentine’s’ when the world has nothing better to do but remind you, how you need to get unsingled and fast!

For those seven long days, you only see couples showering love on each other, and there you are cursing social media for covering all the koochi koo moments secretly wanting to be one of the couples. 

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#2 When you desperately want to get outdoors but you have nobody to go out with since all your friends are out with their beaus!

Though it’s not necessary that you would crave for a partner just because your friends have one, it’s a natural feeling that would make you crave for something that you can call yours.

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#3 When you win a couple tickets to movies or like and hate the thought of having to tag your noisy sis along!

Oops, that’s one of the signs you should date buddy! 

unsingle-3-friends-argue-discuss-talk-tense-worriedImage source/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

#4 Being invited to a party or Freshers’ etc with a couple’s theme!

The pressure point is when you really want to go but your single status just doesn’t match the theme. It would have been different if you were mingle, right? 

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#5 Clubs and discs with ‘Only Couples’ Entry’ stamped all over it!

Does this mean singles can’t have fun? No, my friend! It means it’s time for you to have someone by your side for taking a macho entry in the clubs and dancing it all out! 


#6 Being left out (read ditched) by your friends when they decide to double, triple, quadruple, or God knows what dating but definitely leave all singles (that specifically means you) out!

There’s this looking down upon singles by these mingle people. Have you tasted it by now? Well, we disapprove of this fact as something that’s proven, but you must’ve experienced it, and your instinct immediately said it’s time to fall in love with the right girl/boy. 

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#7 When you had a big one! badoom!! bam!!! fight with your BFF, and nobody to bitch about it too!

Your BFF is your bitching partner, right? What about the time when you want to bitch about your BFF only. Isn’t it a kaash mai single nahi hota/hoti moment? 

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#8 Not being able to sleep and having no one to chat into the wee hours with!

At nights when you are at the peak of your emotions, don’t you think there should be someone to tell all that’s in your heart, all that’s bothering you, all that you want to get rid of, and also share someone’s sadness? What is stopping you from falling in love? If loneliness starts to bother you, it’s one of the signs you are ready for a relationship!


#9 Getting free adult entertainment from the PDAing couple sitting next to you on the metro and secretly longing for the same (umm… minus the vomit inducing snogging part)!

That’s when your singlehood hits you? Want to experience all the lovey-dovey relationship stuff but sadly you are single and ready to mingle?  

unsingle-9-long-8b-thinking-remembering-lost-in-thoughts-shahid-kapoorNadiadwala Grandson Entertainment- Eros International/ Featured Image Source

#10 Relatives and aunties grilling you patiently on slow and agonizing flame for being ‘still single!’

These aunties are hitting on your weak single spot repeatedly, and you want to hit back at them with a partner? 

unsingle-10-piku-8-deepika-piku-annoyed-irritated-angry-madImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#11 Feeling like a nuisance kabab-mein-haddi when hanging out with your ‘in relationship’ friends!

Your inner guilt of ruining it for your mingle buddies is way too heavy now? Want to get into the world of dating? Well, your heart is always right. If it’s saying go for it, go for it!  

unsingle-11-crush-friends-jaane-t6u-ya-jaane-na-sadImage source/ Aamir Khan Productions- Excel Entertainment

#12 While watching RomComs. Curse you Kathrine Heigl (And love you so much Gerard Butler *-: )

Single ready to mingle

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#13 Taking a group selfie when you have only three possible places to go…standing to the way left (or right), at the back (and hidden for good), or sitting down (cross legged #true story) in front of your couple friends!

This one’s a really oopsie moment for all the singles looking for a safe spot that’s in no way separating a couple, thinking all the spots would’ve been perfect for me too if there was someone to stand next to me too! 

unsingle-14.1-znmd-selfie-pic-snap-friends1Image source/ Eros International

#14 Finding some perfect shirt or something at a mall but then realizing you don’t have a boyfriend to give it to (And no… it isn’t dad material and your bro’s outta question)!

When you seriously want to give your partner a shirt and see them smile at you with an awww face. That’s your single and ready to mingle moment! 

unsingle-14-crying-sad-tears-rani-saawariyaImage source/ SLB Films

#15 When you get too honest opinions from your BFF or the lame remarks on your look from the guys in your gang!

That’s when you want a partner? Of Course you do! 

16 Times You Desperately Feel Like Getting UnsingledImage source/ Eros Entertainment

#16 But the worst of all reasons, when your only single BFF also gets UnSingled and tries to console you!

That’s the point where cells in your body scream single ready to mingle! 

You can enjoy being single as much as you will with a partner with no single tag. But to put it this way, it’s amazing to have someone by your side who loves you, understands you, and shares your feelings. 

unsingle-16-sonam-aisha-friends-men-gayImage source /PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

Well, are you single and ready to mingle? Let us know in the comments below!!!!!!

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  1. A very serious and pertinent issue has been tackled in a healthy, mature, and fun way. Great write-up! Being single throughout now I am very hopeful of finding someone to fill the void in my life; for forever.

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