Need A Million Reasons To UnSingle?

The media portrays singledom as quite a badass thing. Reposting anti-relationship quotes, taking drunken vows with your fellow bachelors, unfollowing every other couple on social media is all passe now. Ok, maybe not the last one.
That’s why we are breaking stereotypes by presenting to you reasons you need to UnSingle now!

  •  For the next time you watch ‘The Notebook’ for the 50th time alone…


  • Eye candy comes in all flavours, so don’t stop yourself from devouring them!


  • Maybe it’s time you use the hands-free mode to talk to someone more real.


  • Let’s drink to this!

unsingle5-01Sorry honey, Mr. Darcy can’t be yours!
Have a better reason in mind to UnSingle? Share your whackiest reasons with us, and we’ll publish the most LOLworthy ones!

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