15 Things That Go Through Your Mind When You See That Perfect Couple

Walking hand in hand or just lost in each other’s eyes, couples can be both very sweet and and adorable and at the same time too annoying for someone. What can we say? To each his own. But we have to admit, we simply can’t take our eyes off of them and get like a thousand of thoughts swarming inside our heads. Perhaps because looking at them, we are thinking of our own lover, feeling jealous, lonely or just wishing them a happy world!

1. Awww…. They look so cute together.

image source/ Dharma Productions

2. Crap!!! Why don’t they go take a room.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

3. Ugghhhh… Couples and their show off!

image source/ ALT Entertainment- Balaji Motion Pictures

4. Yeah… as if she’s going to stay with you forever monkey!

image source/ Ronnie Screwala

5. I wish I too had that.

image source

6. God! If we could be as loving as them when we reach their age.

image source/ Eros International

7. Bitch! Usme aisa kya hai jo mujhme nahin?!!

image source/ Yash Raj Films

8. Bloody teenagers! You just can’t go anywhere these days!

image source/ Dharma Productions

9. Someday I’ll too be holding hands with someone like this. Sigh…!!

image source/ SLB Films

10. Ohhh… I miss my baby so much!

image source/ Dharma Productions

11. See how romantic this couple is! And my hubby! Goddd…

image source

12. Wow. This dude’s so lucky. Look at my girlfriend!

image source/ Dharma Productions

13. OMG! They don’t even suit together!

image source/ Dharma Productions

14. Haaa…. kiddos. 😛

image source/ Yash Raj Films

15. And the last and the purest of all thoughts….”May God Bless Them”!!

image source/ Eros International / Featured Image Source/ Dharma Productions
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