14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Sports Fanatic

dating a guy who loves sports

Whether it’s football, tennis, cricket, or athletics (and hopefully not golf), your partner is equally crazy for each of them.

You, on the other hand, can’t even hold a bat properly. When such contrast exists, there are certain things that do change your life. The perks of dating a guy who loves sports or the downside of dating a sports fanatic? Let’s find out.

#1 A blank face or a confused look are the two expressions that you constantly put on your face every time your partner talks about sports. They forget all the time how limited your knowledge is about the football teams or the cricket players.

dating a guy who loves sports
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#2 If you are considering dating a guy who loves sports, you must learn to master the art of screening your ears from your brain and still nod and smile at the long and elaborate stories of the history of sports or an epic match that your partner tells you now and then.

#3 When you are dating someone who loves sports, and you’re hanging out with them and their friends, all you care about when you are watching a match is food. And you pretty much love it since you get to order what you want, for they are all in a state where they hardly care for anything else.

#4 If you are considering dating a guy who loves sports, most of your dates are at their home when they are too busy watching a match and fail to notice you were busy playing candy crush and munching on popcorn all the while.

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#5 You try to be nice and let your partner sit on the seat facing the TV at the restaurant. The least you can do since you are already feeling sorry for their paranoid self when they had to hang out with you instead of watching the Manchester United Vs. Liverpool match.

#6 It gets embarrassing but quite relieving when you admit straight up you know nothing about sports, and after a short and blank pause of shock, your sporty partner brushes you off as funny. When you are dating someone who loves sports, you automatically increase your GK about the games.

#7 You don’t understand any of their pre-game rituals but have learned better than not following them yourself or making fun of them.

#8 It’s always an awkward situation when their team loses, and they get too sad. You still don’t know how to deal with it, but you know now, saying ‘It’s just a game’ is not the appropriate answer. When you are dating the one who loves sports, you understand that they are not teams, they are emotions.

#9 Although you know some things about sports, it gives you much pleasure to annoy them, sometimes telling them you know certain sportsmen only because they are dating celebs. ‘Virat Kohli? Isn’t that the guy who’s married to Anushka Sharma?’

dating a guy who loves sports
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#10 You don’t understand a thing but still love it when they excitedly try to explain 3-D gameplay using salt and pepper shakers, forks, spoons and ketchup bottles.

#11 You have no problem deciding what you should gift them on their birthday. You can buy two of whatever your ten-year-old nephew asks for.

#12 You have started to remember athletes’ names, and though it’s surprising to you, you find yourself checking scores and maybe even enjoying a game or two sometimes.

#13 And though you literally have no interest in sports and hardly think you will ever fully do so, you still love to watch some sports movies with your partner again and again. ‘So what are we watching tonight? Pan Singh Tomar, Remember The Titans, Bhag Milkha Bhag or The Warriors?’

#14 And maybe you’ve even started loving sports!

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