14 Things Which Are More Fun Doing With Your BFF Than Going On A Date!

things to do with your best friend

Some things are just better when they are with your best friend, even better than a date! This is only so because it’s your bestie you are talking about, who knows you inside out and who is like your soul sister.

Also, you don’t have to put much emphasis on things to do with your girlfriend as everything you do together turns out to be super fun.

So, here is why you would never give up a chance of hanging out with her and practically doing nothing to go on a date with your guy.

1. Gossiping about your office colleague or any random person from your lives. It’s fun whoever it’s about!

You know what’s the best part about this bitching together activity, nobody is going to judge you here. On the contrary, if you do this on your date, there’d be a lot of judgements, you guys. 


2. Long selfie sessions till you get the perfect pout!

One of the most fun things to do with your bff, you get an added advantage of posting some cute pictures on your social media with a pout that’s almost perfect. 

bestie-2-dogs-selfie-animals-cute-funny-bffimage source

3. Getting all dressed up for endless fashion photoshoots in your own homes!

Ask your bae to do it for you, and his phone will disappear in a second. This is one of the things to do with your best friend ONLY! 

bestie-3-katrina-phone-camera-pic-smile-weddingimage source

4. Talking in juicy details about hot guys and crushes. It doesn’t matter if you have a steady bf. Checking out is both your right and your duty!  

Do you think this plan is feasible with your over-possessive boyfriend? Also, only your BFF has the right to know about all your cute little secrets. This revelation session is one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend. 


5. Spend hours online going through possible wedding themes, outfits, and even honeymoon packages when you may have started dating only a day back!

Trust us, only your best friend can handle this crazy side of yours. Not only will she handle it but also help you decide what to wear when on your honeymoon. Don’t you think this hypothetical world with your BFF is much more interesting than a date where you just can’t be yourself! 

bestie-5-freinds-bff-excited-hurray-happy-disneyimage source

6. The long hours of prettying up together, that make for the best conversation times ever!

Nothing can go wrong when your buddy is your personal stylist. The junction of your prettying up and endless gossip is the perfect start to your special day! 

bestie-6-happy-girls-ready-make-up-aisha-sonam-hair-dryer1image source/ PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

7. Watching your favorite movie for the eleventh time together. The fun is directly proportional to the number of times you watch it!

The special part is when you know which moment is going to make your bestie cry, and you are always ready with tissue already. You just can’t have enough of such special things to do with girlfriend. 

bestie-7-spongebob-bff-watching-tv-eating-drinking-togetherimage source

8. Discuss books, magazines, and music that are sacred to you. Sometimes those which you just can’t tell anybody else!

You will agree on this that you and your bestie have a little secret world that nobody knows about. You also have all those spicy secrets that should be locked in your parallel world! 

bestie-8-bff-9-friends-girls-aisha-sonamPVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

9. Just lying in one blanket in the most non-creepy way, eating a whole box of cookies or mathris your mom made, and discussing how badly you need to lose some weight!

One of the craziest things to do with your girlfriend at home is eating like a sloth bear and discussing how to get back in shape. Not only this, you both will have your plans of workout and gym ready, only to not follow any of those! 

bestie-9-foodie-cookies-eat-friends-couple-funny-disneyimage source

10. Painting nails.

Uff these so-girly-things become even more interesting when you have your BFF by your side. Also, when your date can’t distinguish between hot pink and baby pink, there’s no chance you can do all these tricky things (surely for him) with him!

bestie-10-nail-paint-nail-art-nail-polish-bffimage source

11. Trying out a new hairstyle you saw on YouTube the other day!

You end up making a hairstyle that’s not even close to what you saw in the video, and that crazy laugh at the end. These funny things to do with your best friend makes your bond even stronger! 


12. Finding cute DIY things on Pinterest and making them together for mom, dad, beau, sis, bro, and your pet dog!

Because both of you are feeling super creative today. You end up impressing everybody in your house. That teamwork though, much appreciation!


13. Wandering off aimlessly into the city, just enjoying each other’s company!

In the list of romantic things to do for your girlfriend, here comes the best one. Next time when your partner says you can’t do romantic things with your BFF, just show him the pictures from your last unplanned trip into the city! 

bestie-13-queen-kangana-diana-friends-enjoy-night-funimage source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

14. Shopping!!

We were almost convinced that this idea is just out there, and there’s no need to mention how shopping is one of the best things to do with your best friend.

bestie-14-shopping-disneyimage source/ Featured Image Source

From all the funny things to do with your girlfriend to the romantic ones, there’s no partner for you like your BFF. Your buddy is your all-in-one package that’s very precious to you, right! 

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