14 Relationship Milestones Every Couple in Love Can Relate to

fun facts about couples

When in a relationship, there are so many firsts and also funny things couples do that get locked in the book of memories.

The first time you hold hands, the first time you kiss, the first time you see your partner’s funny side, the first time you meet his/her parents! Gosh!

The last one’s scary but the most awaited. These milestones are what establish and nurture your relationship. Sure, every one of you guys in love must have experienced it.

The internet, today, is flooded with a plethora of couple facts that are relatable. You’d agree with some and disagree too if that’s not how your relationship is.

We present to you some general Couples milestones everyone at some point must have experienced.

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#1 You expressing your love and getting a reply that makes you so happy you were unsure whether to throw your arms around him or burst into snotty tears!!

Do you remember how this moment was for you? They say to love and get the equal amount of love makes you a blessed person.!

fun facts about couplesImage source/ Eros International

#2 The time when you stay up all night chatting with each other and have no reason to give your mom why she should let you sleep the whole day away!

Well, it’s a tough one and probably one situation that we all have landed ourselves in at some point. Let us know the excuse you made to your mum in the comment section below!

funny things couples doImage source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

#3 The first time when you reveal to your bae your true self and gorge on food like a pig until none of you is able to move a leg!

Psychological facts about couples say that it takes around 3 months for partners to show their real-self (in a good way) to their other partner. When did you have this massive food feast?

couple psychology factsImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#4 When you finally shed your ‘miss goody self’ coat and gossip and bi*** about your friends giving him all the juicy and ugly details. Mwahahaha!

Again, fun facts about couples say that it takes around 3 months for partners to show their real-self (in a good way) to their other partner. We are sure your gf/bf must have enjoyed your bitchy side the most.

psychological facts about couplesImage source/ Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd

#5 When you actually burp or fart in front of them and don’t really feel embarrassed about it. Oops..!! Never mind.

These funny sounds give validation to the comfort zone you have started sharing with your love. Every couple must experience this milestone (not kidding).

couple factsImage source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

#6 The instant when you complete his/her sentence or just look into the eyes and tell precisely what he/she is thinking.

This is the most beautiful feeling a couple could experience. This makes a couple feel complete and one!

couple psychology factsImage source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

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#7 Boo introduces you to his/her friends holding your hand and you become a part of a new group. OMG! So, he’s actually serious about me!! Yippee!!

You must be thinking, isn’t it common and what’s so special about it? Going with the guess, your partner hasn’t done this yet? This feeling sure is beautiful!

fun facts about couplesImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#8 Cute couple psychology facts say missing someone is also Love!

The time when you have to go out of town for some dumb reason, and you can’t stop missing him/her the moment you start the journey!! Aww..

psychological facts about couplesImage source/ Geetha Arts- Reliance Entertainment- ShowMan Pictures

#9 You are having a huge teary fight but can’t stop thinking about how to end this and hug him/her tight. Over with this! Come over and kiss me!

Though fighting sometimes is part of a healthy relationship, wishing to end the fight with kisses and hugs is a milestone couple experiences when madly and truly in love.

couple psychology factsImage source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

#10 Eating out at a fancy restaurant and feeling all grown up and of course making plans about the future… it was on the cue card!

It’s a turning milestone point when couples start to plan and discuss the future. According to some couple facts, two people in a casual relationship won’t ever want to discuss the future!

14 Relationship Milestones couple factsImage source/ Eros International

#11 Feeling like having some Hakka noodles but ordering pizza only because your sweetheart likes it!

Food is bae but bae is the actual bae. Sometimes, keeping his/her cravings on priority and making your cravings wait is a sign that your heart has a special place for him/her.

14 Relationship Milestones funny things couples doImage source

#12 One true time your bae pours his/her heart out!

Oh my god! This moment is worth all the wait. Partners secretly wait for a day like this when there are no more secrets between them. It’s a milestone moment full of emotions, trust, and love.

Relationship psychological facts about couplesImage source/ T-Series Films- M M Films (India)

#13 First time you don’t care how much weight you have put on or how big your nose is!

It’s a moment of pride for couples when such petty things don’t bother them at all!

Relationship fun facts about couplesImage source

#14 Having something stuck in your teeth but instead of wincing take an ugly selfie with him/her for both of your eyes only!

When the moments that were embarrassing at the start of the relationship start to become incidents you both can laugh at together, shows how all the insecurities are left behind!

Relationship Milestones fun facts about couplesImage source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

Amid all the funny things couples do, sometimes you fail to realize you have achieved those relationship milestones you want to be proud of. Well, we hope this blog made you realize how meaningful even small things can be in your love life!

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