10 Struggles Of Dating A Hopelessly Unromantic Guy

signs he is serious about you

Two people who make a relationship, complement each other. They can’t be expected to be each other’s clones. And so, while one person may be very romantic, their partner can happen to be someone who finds a non-romantic affair to be complacent! But being unromantic doesn’t necessarily mean they are insensitive. It may simply imply that they are fine with the other things that you share.

Though it can get really annoying and frustrating having a hopelessly unromantic bae, the situations they create with their idiosyncratic attitude often proves to be too hilarious. Read on to find out some of such struggles you have to face when your beau is one hopelessly unromantic guy.

1. When you would hold hand, his palm gets sweaty and his face looks like he’s walking with a ghost hand in hand.

signs he is serious about you
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It’s quite a thing about unromantic guys. Holding hands for them could be a strong push to their character. If the guy has a PDA problem, it’s going to be another kind of stress for them! But, it still doesn’t equate to the signs he is serious about you or isn’t.

2. There’s something that stops his voice mid-throat when you tell him ‘I love you’.

But then maybe that’s your mind strangling him when he gives you a smile in reply to that.
how to know if he is serious about you

It might be a completely different feeling for him to experience. Tell him that you love him when he’s speaking, and watch him pause, skip a beat, and swallow his saliva. 

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3. Instead of hugs you receive fist bumps and high fives.

how to know if he is serious about you
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You’ve to be complacent with high fives or fist bumps in public or even at times when you’re together alone. How to know if he is serious about you? He’s at least not using you for physical pleasures.

4. And flowers are replaced with coke and a bag of chips on a date night.

signs he is serious about you
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He’s more prepared to fill your stomach with good food, instead of flowers which will die the next morning. Such a stable and husband material needs not to be compromised.

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5. Valentine’s Day is one day though, you can have anything at all… Say, playing carom, watching Inception, VISITING THE ZOO?!!

Just name it baby.
signs he is serious about you
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Such an embarrassment at times when you have a guy who isn’t aware of the fact that Valentine’s Day is to celebrate romance. While don’t be surprised when he takes you out to a Zoo or something like that.

6. If you happen to arrange a candle light dinner the first thing that comes to his mind is, ‘Is there a power cut?!!’

signs he is serious about you
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He’s a complete laughing stock as most of the romantic things for him are a flaw. Don’t be taken aback when he says if there is a power cut when you turn off the light on candle light dinner

7. When you plan a day out or a picnic with him he thinks that’s a nice idea for a get together with friends.

how to know if he is serious about you

Don’t be surprised if he asks you permission to invite his cousins or friends on a day out that’s meant to be for you two specifically. Well, if he is willing to invite other peeps in between you both, it could be treated as a sign he is serious about you.

8. And forget booking corner seats for a movie. After all the view’s better from the center.

how to know if he is serious about you
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Laugh it off and tell your baby to either book a corner seat or forget about the movie at all.

9. Cooking for him is off the agenda too. Since, if you know him even a bit, he’ll start gobbling it all up without any second thoughts.

signs he is serious about you
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Don’t worry about cooking some good meals for him. He’s more than just interested in filling his stomach with your food and not satisfying his taste buds. Know that he is serious about you because he’s not finding fault in your cooking, unlike other guys who share memes on your cooking.

10. And when you want to talk all night long, maybe even dirty… His response almost always is… Tired. Need sleep. Good ni.. Zzzzzzzzz….

signs he is serious about you
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Don’t cheat on him if he isn’t open about the dirty talks or late night talks, maybe he’s just tired? Maybe he just needs sleep to feel better?

So these were the 10 struggles of dating a hopelessly unromantic guy. It isn’t a necessity that you may find all the signs in one particular guy. Let us know how you liked this blog in the comments below.

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  1. Your article seems to be one sided as if whole responsibility lies on man shoulders to make it successful. What about girls ? Have they ever thought what her boy friend need. How he think ? What makes him to think like that ? His one wierd action turn yout off and you come to conclusion whether he deserve dating or not. You think all boys are trained to follow the rules of dating. Life is not the bed of roses . boys have to think a lot for his future. He has also have the burden to bring up his family.

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