10 Reasons To Date A Lawyer

date a lawyer

Let’s look beyond those steely eyes, fancy jargon, and narcissistic perfectionists for a while. These legal eagles do have a little more than what meets the eye.

Lawyers undoubtedly think differently from the rest of us, but they are stubborn too and will always find room for arguments.

In addition, they are smart and intellectual, which makes them different from others. We have gathered a few reasons why you should date a lawyer, and they can make a good partner too.

Here’s advocating ten reasons to date a lawyer and also tips for dating a lawyer:

#1 It’s easy to pick clothes for them (some lawyer bae can be choosey too)

When you are dating a lawyer, all you need is to go to a formal section and pick a few business suits in grey or navy blue. To put it this way, it’s a safe way to shop for them as they need formal attire all the time. What say?! 

date a lawyer

#2 You’ll become Baazigar (argument har ke jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain)

That’s right; you will gradually perfect your argument skills after dating a lawyer. You will learn to win every other argument.

har ke jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain

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#3 His spontaneity will blow your mind

They think differently and can make people go aww with their spontaneous replies or answers. 

how to date a male lawyer

#4 You’ll start taking ‘Terms and Conditions’ more seriously.

One of the best reasons you should date a lawyer is that you will learn all the legalese and take them more seriously now. 

tips for dating a lawyer

#5 He’ll even remember your mother’s sister’s brother in law’s uncle’s anniversary

How to date a male lawyer? Lawyers generally have a good memory and don’t be surprised if he remembers all the birthdays and anniversaries in your family or, for that matter, your friends too. Most men struggle with this, but you have an extra perk when you date a lawyer.

dating a lawyer

#6 Open bars – enough said.

Be ready to get used to more and more parties because lawyers are often invited to meetings and parties.

Open bars – enough said

#7 Go sue the world. Even cops are scared of lawyers.

This is crazy, but you can actually do what you want when you are dating a lawyer but a small tip on dating a lawyer, even if you can’t break the rules.

dating a lawyer

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#8 Expert in negotiation & resolving conflicts.

You do not have to worry about any relationship conflicts; they hold good experience in resolving conflicts. This is useful for peaceful and lasting relationships.

tips for dating a lawyer

#9 Commitment is always a priority

This is the biggest reason you should date a lawyer because all we run after is a committed relationship. Here you are; lawyers love facts, in fact in dating too. They want to be clear about relationship status and would definitely love to have a strong one.  

Commitment is always a priority

#10 Come on, everybody needs a lawyer at some point in life

Who wouldn’t want to date a lawyer when you know you will be financially secure, and trust us, your parents are already impressed with this profession. Lawyers are mature and responsible. 

 Come on, everybody needs a lawyer at some point in life

P.S. Anything you say and do will be used against you in a court of law.

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