10 Cheesy Bollywood Dialogues To Ace Your Flirting Skills

cheesy bollywood dialogues

When it is about flirting with someone, it’s not just about using sensualizing words, it’s also about having fun with whatever you do.

Flirting could be a fun affair if you both are aligned with the fun and not easily offended, because most times, flirting is followed by a bit of roasting.

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And in this blog, we are going to present to you some cheesy Bollywood dialogues to make your romance game a bit more playful.

    1. “Quite outdated flirty Bollywood dialogues. If the person you are flirting with doesn’t know what a BB is, then your flirting efforts may go in vain.

This will surely get her attention.

    1. “Ranveer Singh is the epitome of drama and crazy romance! This is one of the Bollywood flirty dialogues that may work if you’re expecting a fun conversation. Refrain from saying “Bread Pakore Ki Kasam”

Refrain from saying “Bread Pakore Ki Kasam”

    1. If flirting is not your thing and it doesn’t come naturally to you, dialogues like these are your saviour. It’s quite a Bollywood flirty dialogue as said by the King of Romance, Saif Ali Khan!





Sweep her off her feet with this one.

    1. “This Bollywood flirty dialogue is sure to make her understand and drop a hint that you want to keep it serious and long term.”

If her reaction’s somewhat like this, you win!

    1. “We all fight with someone. Be it our love, best friend, crush or anyone else. So, when you feel like it’s the right time, shoot them with this Bollywood Flirty Dialogue.”

In-case the situation gets dire.

    1. “Everyone knows this Bollywood flirty dialogue and it can be a little annoying as well.”





You need to be confident enough.

    1. “When she’s making fun or pulling your leg about being non-serious about the relationship, you can pull out this disastrous Bollywood flirty dialogue to ensure a fun and great experience.”

Use this at your own risk.

    1. ”Ahh! Those heartless guys, again! Use this Bollywood flirty dialogue at your leisure.”








That girl be like “Is it really that good?”

    1. “Kya aap believe karti hai love at first sight mein, ya mai dobara ghum k aau?”

What did you just say?

    1. “When you want to tell her that she has dominated your mind, body, and soul, this is the Bollywood flirty dialogue you should be using.”







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Need something more? Let us know in the comments whether you want a part 2 for this blog on Bollywood flirty dialogues.

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