How to Flirt with a Girl

how to flirt with a girl

Are you here to learn how to flirt with girls? Well, you will get easy flirting tips here. Keep reading!

To begin with, flirting with a girl is the most fruitful method you can employ to win a girl’s heart. If your flirting with girls goes wrong, please be ready to have a seat in the friendzone area. 

A Girls’ Heart is a better place, right? Of Course, it is. 

Then you must go through the five foolproof flirting tips below to manage to reserve a seat in your favorite area. 

But before entering the class on how to flirt with girls, try to understand what EXACTLY is FLIRTING. 

The Merriam-Webster definition of “Flirt” says:

“Behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.”

In Simple Words, FLIRTING is a lighthearted conversation between two people which involves teasing, physical touch, joking around, making compliments, and being silly. It is also a smart move to tell the person indirectly about your feelings without being vocal about it directly.  

Enough knowledge of flirting. Let’s dive in and learn how to flirt with a girl.

Compliment Her? Make Her Blush

Compliments are what you need to flirt with girls.

First and probably the last rule of keeping your compliment game on point is “DO NOT FAKE IT.” A girl knows when you are being real, or you are just saying it for the sake of complimenting her. If you approach her with a compliment like, “You look like an Angel,” you will never hear anything from her again in future more than a Thank You maybe. 

Compliments are a decent beginning when you want to hit on a girl you just met or is a great move when you are trying to woo a girl. With a decent compliment, you can never go wrong. 

Let’s get into do’s and don’ts of how to flirt with a girl using compliments.

how to flirt with girls

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For Do’s, here are some of my favorites.

  1. I like your Smile. It’s contagious- When said with exhilaration and enthusiasm, your compliment will directly reach her heart.
  2. I was looking at you when you were sitting there. Must say, you have an amazing style- This will send out a message that you were noticing her. 
  3. Like this jacket. Where did you get it from?- A light and simple way to initiate a casual touch. A touch on the arm will be your safest option.

For Don’ts, Please Be attentive.

  1. Please follow one simple rule: Do not use pick up lines unless it’s your own invention and is a masterpiece. You will be fine with simple compliments. 

A Good Sense Of Humor Does Not Need Much

how to flirt a girl

Chandler Bing or Ross? Without giving it a second thought, Chandler Bing Always! 

You must be wondering how to flirt with girls with your sense of humor. But the good news is, you don’t have to. You already have a cheerful personality that every girl adores and wants a man with if you have a good sense of humor. You are capable of making discussions interesting and keeping the girl engaged. 

Just try to make the girl laugh with your witty jokes, and the ball will be your court. Happy flirting! 

Let Her Know That You Thinking About Her

You can start with “I heard this song and for some reason you were in my mind constantly.” See where the conversation takes you. 

This flirting move might sound a little odd with someone you are having an interaction for the very first time. So let’s keep this one for someone you already know. 

Look Good And Smell Good

Might sound cliché, but remember, First Impression Is The Last Impression.  

Girls get attracted to men who look good, and you can save yourself some stress in flirting if your flirting skills are weak.

Unfortunately, many boys do not consider this a part of flirting, but it is. You can take suggestions from the girl in deciding what to wear on a date or ask her what she is wearing to match your clothes. 

Flirt with girls using a different approach. Wear blue if she is also wearing blue. Simple, Isn’t it. 

Looking For Ideas Of How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text, Here’s a Little Tip

You can call it a substitute for a love letter. But now, when technology has taken over, we have got you covered there too! 

In comparison with flirting person-to-person, flirting over text makes you creatively and quickly come up with a flirty text to make her think about you even more. 

how to flirt with girl

But, if you still struggle with finding flirty texts to send to her, we have a list of nine flirty yet decent texts for you! 

  1. Please send me your picture. I am creating a wish list for this Christmas to send to Santa.
  2. Cheesy but Charming. I couldn’t control my fingers. They were listening to my heart, I guess and sent you this message. Not my fault. 
  3. A simple thought of you makes everything right. 
  4. Your smile is my favorite type of curve.
  5. How come you are still single? An indirect message of how gorgeous she is. 
  6. Please let me sleep. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  7. I saw your last update. Must say, you were looking amazing.
  8. Sending a good morning/good night text to the most beautiful lady i know. 
  9. I bet you must be looking gorgeous today.

While most of the tips you must know, the right approach or the right way is very important. 

With flirting comes a word “healthy” and there is a thin line which you must never cross. 

We hope we were helpful with how to flirt with a girl? If yes, make your little ecosystem of relationship from Blah to Bling. Download the TrulyMadly Dating App now.

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