Why Dating A Spontaneous Guy Is Equivalent To Going On An Adventure Everyday

There is nothing more refreshing than having an unpredictable and spontaneous beau. The guy is always on his feet and surprising. Life with him is one full of new experiences and adventures each day. And here’s why that’s so:

1. You have no idea when he’ll scoop you up when you are still half asleep and take you for a long drive just because it’s good weather today!

2. Date? What date? You never go on a date… It’s always a spontaneous adventure you just thought of having a minute before while having lunch.

3. One day you are eating at a classy high end restaurant and the other you are on random streets to find the spiciest chicken tikka.

4. He can be really forgetful but sometimes he surprises you by getting you a bunch of your favorite flowers just because he saw them on the way and they reminded him of you.

5. You never have any idea what he’ll do next. Now he’s standing with you and the next instant he’ll be at the stage dedicating a song to you.

6. No matter where you are he gets so mixed up that it makes you forget all your hesitations and dance the night away.

7. He has no regret in the world even if you get lost on the way, he has the ability to make the misadventure too fun and exciting.

8. You may have planned a date but never does it go as planned. Courtesy: the twists and turns your guy always has up his sleeve.

9. With him at your side you are always up for a challenge.

10. He’s always unpredictable and thinking out of the box so you know he will never go for a conventional gift hamper.

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