9 Ways to Cope with Feeling Jealousy in a Relationship, By Expert

Ways to Cope With Feeling Jealousy in a Relationship

It’s correct that jealousy in relationships is an important element, just like other lovey-dovey emotions. It’s impossible to stop feeling jealousy when you share a very strong bond with your partner. 

This feeling, occasionally, is all right as excitement and zest may follow. However, the problem lies when this feeling manages to erode the wall of trust and respect. That’s where the understanding of how to stop being jealous becomes a prerequisite for making that eroded wall healthier and more beautiful. 

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. If you are willing to work on this overwhelming emotion, you & your partner can overcome feeling jealous to enter a healthy and cherishable relationship.  

Also, you must understand that jealousy and envy, that’s often used synonymously, are not the same. Envy is a feeling of wanting and having something that’s not yours. On the other hand, jealousy is an emotion that’s an outcome of love. 

Here Are Some Tips From Experts on How to Cope With Feeling Jealousy in a Relationship.

  • Trace The Source

Hitting it right at the root is the best practice to tame jealousy. Discover what lies at the root and act accordingly. Suppose it’s coming from your partner’s ex-relationship, your partner prioritizing other people more than you, fear of losing them, or anything related; understanding the source aids a better communication that brings us to the next point. 

Man feeling jealous & trying to stop being insecure in a relationship
Man Feeling Jealous & Being Insecure in a Relationship
  • Voice It Out

I feel jealous for so and so reasons, and now it’s time for the silent treatment. No! Always talk it out. 

Your partner may not realize they did something that triggered this feeling in you. Talk about it, let them know, revisit the boundaries, come up with a solution, and you are halfway there. Next time, they will consider how their actions affect you, which will have a positive impact. 

Pro Tip 1

Always choose a conversation time when you both can actively engage not just to listen but to understand. That way, the conversation, and the solution will be productive. 

Pro Tip 2:

Use ‘I’. Confused? When talking about jealousy, talk about yourself. Why? That way your partner won’t be defensive, and they will be up for a productive conversation. Try the same if your partner is the one who feels jealous. 

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  • Try Not To Act

Jealousy is never the problem, but letting it consume you that leads to further action is definitely a problem. You acting jealous may be followed by other negative emotions like anger and frustration that can harm the bond with your partner. 

Always remember you are a human being dealing with another human being who can’t be perfect all the time. Consider other angles and be wise and patient. 

Here, introspection would be the right thing to do that would help you with acceptance. 

  • Work Towards Your Self-Confidence

How to stop being insecure in a relationship? Self-confidence is one of the keys that help overcome insecurity, therefore, jealousy. 

Lack of confidence is one reason that lets insecurity peep in; thus, jealousy gets added to your list of emotions. Create an antidote to your insecurities to boost your confidence. 

Example: If you think their ex is better than you (the classic example, lol), make a list of why you two are a perfect match and what traits you have that are better than them. It eventually will help you deal with one jealousy factor. Apply the same to others! 

  • Trust Your Partner

how to stop being insecure in a relationship
Boyfriend Standing on Metro Station, Looking Jealous & Insecure in a Relationship

Most of you might disagree that trust and jealousy are not related. They are! 

Trust in a relationship can’t be emphasized enough and it’s the only option you have if you want a healthy relationship and a lasting bond. Trust your partner and release jealousy. Try it.

  • Have Realistic Expectations

We don’t blame you. We blame movies and novels that have trained us in a way that made us believe that love utopia exists. 

Most of us want our relationship to be ideal and perfect in every possible way to the point that it becomes hard to accept when things happen otherwise. It allows us to feel a certain way that’s inescapable, and feeling jealous is no exception

The best escape to this situation and to avoid jealousy is to have realistic expectations and not filmy. 

  • Manage Jealousy With Relaxation Techniques

It would be wrong to say that you can get rid of jealousy. Nah! Despite trying hard, it will bother you, and you must know your ways out. 

Jealousy also triggers other upsetting feelings that can bother both of you. Instead of lashing out at your partner, look for ways to soothe yourself. 

You can try all these strategies for Overcoming Jealousy In Relationships

  1. Take a walk
  2. Exercise
  3. Meditate
  4. Listen to some peaceful music
  5. Talk to a trusted friend
  6. Read
  7. Watch your favorite show
  8. and anything that relaxes you! 

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  • Understand Your Partner’s Perspective

Jealousy is often unreasonable. If your SO is jealous, the reason where this feeling is coming from could be hard to understand. The same goes for you. We would suggest trying to understand the situation from each other’s point of view. 

Doing this will help you understand them better, but it will also help you identify changes that need to be done in your behavior to tame such feelings that are bothering you and your partner. 

It’s one thing you must follow if you are figuring out how to stop being jealous. 

  • Keep Some Healthy Boundaries

How to Stop Being Jealousy in Friendships
Man When Feeling Jealous in Friendships

This practice has nothing to do with keeping a check on your partner. It clearly means you both know how the other person is going to behave that keeps you mentally ready; as a result, jealousy gets wiped away to a great extent.


If you have a weekend plan that doesn’t involve your partner, let them know well in advance. Tell your partner you are up for enjoying yourself with your buddies, and you won’t be able to keep them updated about the night every now and then. That way, it’s a transparent plan your partner already knows about. 

Even if they get jealous and they choose to ruin it for you, followed by jealousy, THERE’S A PROBLEM! Relationships don’t mean you can’t have your personal space. 

Instead of letting jealousy weaken your relationship, understand the emotion and take action to swipe this feeling away. Also, jealousy is not limited to relationships, feeling jealousy in friendships can also have similar impacts and solutions. Whatever it is, we want you to be ready with these fruitful tactics when you feel this feeling is creeping up. 

We hope these strategies of how to overcome jealousy help you. It’s good to get rid of all the things that are impacting your mental peace and happiness.

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