Your Screen – Your Safety

The internet is the one means of transportation that requires no passport, tickets or permits. This makes it absolutely crucial to be clear about the identity of the person behind the other screen. Keeping your safety in mind, we formulated the  fabulous Trust Score. But that’s not where it all ends. The ball is in your court once you start reaching out to prospective partners and it never hurts to be cautious.

Our research has taught us a couple of mantras that we chant whenever we’re online. And since we want the best for you, here they are! Keep these in mind and your safety net shall remain secure in the tumultuous sea of love over the world wide web.

1. Take your time.

We know how exciting it is to see someone who looks just like Prince Charming, but hold on, don’t rush into anything before they have a good Trust Score and you can tick everything on your checklist. Steer clear of impulsive late night dates, exchanging pictures or dramatic proclamations of love till you’re absolutely sure. Timing is key! Someone very wise once said that love is circumstantial, so you don’t want to hit ‘Go’ before everything is aligned, do you?

2. Don’t be too quick to share.

You’ve provided your contact details for verification and they aren’t available to anyone who views your profile. We do this to make sure you aren’t bombarded with unwanted attention. So help us out here and be prudent while sharing your info. Avoid direct emails while starting off since that’s what the internal messaging system is for, specially if you are speaking to a number of people at the same time. Be sure to keep your personal email address/phone number private till you’re ready to take it offline.Till then, work along the trust meter and you’ll be fine.

P.S. Don’t share your TrulyMadly password with anyone. This is all about your exclusive right to choice, don’t dilute it by getting family members and agents involved.
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3. Offline etiquette

So you’re finally meeting the lovely lady who’s been on your mind ever since you interacted for the first time. Trust us, you want this to be perfect! Most people don’t give second chances when it comes to a first date, so make the most of it. Don’t go all gung-ho and set up a private dinner for two. Keep the location public and neutral. This will set you both at ease and relax the environment a little bit. Ladies, be vocal about your comfort zone. He can’t read your mind (yet) so if you like a bistro, tell him!

We promise to tell you more about the best ways to rock a first date, but for now- let go of all fake accents, body odour, comparing your date to your ex and just focus on reflecting your personality the way it is.

4. Tell your friends!

There’s safety in numbers. Letting your friends know about your plans to take things forward with someone you met online would show you opinions that aren’t as lovestruck as yours. This way, you can even slowly involve your newfound partner into your life instead of operating in isolation and that gets you one step closer to seeing how this person fits in your circle. Win-win.

5. Trust your instincts

If your heart and mind are in conflict about someone, don’t ignore it. Address the issue right away. Your own gut is the best judge of character and giving it weight is something we fully support. When something clicks, give it a shot. Oh, and if someone seems out of tune with expectations, move on. You won’t regret it.


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