30+ Genius Never Have I Ever Questions to Know Secrets

never have i ever questions

Want to make your beer night, wine night, party night, date night, or any gathering with your buddies and sweethearts a little more spicy and interesting? Well, fill the air with some fun, spicy, sweet, unfiltered questions, and let the sip of your wine go down with every Yes! Sounds fun, right? It is the new trend these days, NEVER HAVE I EVER QUESTIONS GAME. 

For those of you who are still unaware of what this Never Have I Ever Game is, have a little sneak-peak stepwise. 

You all have a glass of drink in your hands. 

Every person gets a chance to ask a question. 

Example: Never have I ever lied to my parents.

Now you have to answer this question with the action of sipping your drink. 

It’s a Yes if you take a sip from your drink and it’s a No if you don’t. SIMPLE. 

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Not just the drink, you can decide as per your convenience what you want to opt for an answer in action. It can be your hands up with every finger down when your answer is a Yes. Or you make your very own version. 

This classic never have I ever questions drinking game unveils a lot about the ones you should not have known otherwise or directly. The best part is that you don’t need extra props for this game and it can be enjoyed over a zoom call, video call, in a small, get together, and wherever you want. You can go prepared or be it spontaneous; the fun is unlimited either way. 

Now, let’s dive into some of the never have I ever questions that are best for particular situations because you already know basic ones. 


never have i ever

You don’t have to look for a moment to ask these questions. They are meant for fun and are not restricted for a particular moment. Some hilarious questions you can ask are: Never Have I Ever…

  • Peed in a pool (Everybody must be guilty of this, lol)
  • Wet my pants while laughing (The joke must have been hilarious)
  • Recorded my own singing voice, heard it, and felt like never singing again (All the bathroom singers must sing in the party)
  • Rehearsed for the award speech, I am never going to receive (One sip down everybody)
  • Imagined my life after my own death as a ghost (If you haven’t, you must)
  • Put my hands under my pants for that warmth (If they haven’t, they will do it)
  • Pretended like a married boy/girl with an invisible partner (Now that’s creepy)


It’s a flirty version and the level is high. The rule is, to be honest, and no lying. Play it with your partner, friends, in your bachelorette, and take the spice bar high. Never Have I Ever…

  • Send someone a hot picture (Everybody is interested to know who will take a sip)
  • Been home alone in my house naked (Your boyfriend must be hoping a sip from you) 
  • Been caught watching an adult movie (Oops)
  • Given a lap dance to my boyfriend (Your friends would know how naughty their circle is)
  • Taken a picture while in the shower (Surprisingly you are not the only one)
  • Had a moment with someone of the same sex (That you definitely want to know)
  • Taken into use some of the household stuff as sex toys (Ok, let everybody take time)
  • Called someone on a blind date and never showed up (That’s fun)
  • Cried for hours for no reason at all (Have a sip and start crying)

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Be ready to hide your face for some days because it is time for some funny embarrassing revelations. Never Have I Ever…

  • Ask about sexual preferences or stuff that you believed in for a long time (Sip down and eyebrows up)
  • Farted out loud in public not just once but many times (Nature’s call in nature, not a bad idea)
  • Pretended to like the present of all my friends present here (No presents anymore dude)
  • Had a crush on my friend’s father/mother (Lol, time to stay out of your friend’s house)
  • Had bad thoughts (sexually) about my cousin or friends (Everybody knows it now but thankfully don’t know who it is)
  • Rushed to the hospital because some object got stuck inside me (Oopsie!)
  • Enjoyed my nose-picking sessions, passionately (Eww)

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It is fun when you are playing it with a bunch of comfortable slots who are interested in knowing about you and telling you about themselves. Never Have I Ever…

  • Got an awkward boner (Quite a cliche but everybody wants to know it) 
  • Stared at a man’s boner despite him knowing what I am looking at (Cheers will come for you for this one)
  • Shaved the only part of my leg that will be exposed (Something everybody would like to do now)
  • Called my girlfriend/boyfriend home when parents were not home (Be ready for everybody’s spicy story for this one)
  • Enjoyed a chick-lit more than any book before (Now you guys know what to gift next to the ones who had a sip)
  • Crossdressed (Ahem ahem)
  • Reapplied makeup on the previous day makeup (Time to see who’s the smartest)
  • Pretended to be a lesbian/gay to maintain distance from someone I don’t like (Too many secrets are out)

Surely now you want to play this never have I ever questions game with you gang as soon as possible right! Well, what are you waiting for then? Plan, meet and shoot questions.

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