It’s All About Money, Honey!

There was a time when men were expected to pay for every single date.
Every. Single. Date.
Even if women wanted to pay, the male ego wouldn’t let them. But times have changed! Hurrah! It’s all about equality now, for a lot of us.
But wait. What about chivalry? Are you guys confused about what a girl will think if you expect her to cough up some cash for her share of the butter chicken? Don’t be! We have a few foolproof rules to get you through the ‘bill dance’.

  1. Who asked whom out? If you asked the lady if you can take her out to dinner, you pay. Simple. If she asked, let her go for it!
  2. If you’re uncomfortable with splitting the bill, just set turns. This time, she pays. Next time, you pay. But try to keep the dates in sync, ok? Don’t expect her to take you to Bukhara after you took her to McDonald’s.
  3. If you were super hungry and ordered twice the quantity of food that she did, just come clean and offer to split the bill based on what you had. You don’t want her to stop dating you just because you eat too much, do you? 🙂
  4.  Anniversaries can be tricky. Both of you are celebrating. Both of you want to treat the other person. Both of you are wondering what to do! The easiest way out is to either discuss it beforehand or just let the first person who grabs the bill pay. It’s a fun game, trust us.
  5. Oh and birthdays. You treat her on her birthday. Let her treat you on yours. Seriously. While budgeting for her gift, keep some moolah aside for the dinner. It’s worth it.

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