Make it an Offbeat Date!

Dinner for two?

No thank you.

Been there, done that. If we asked an average 25 year old how many run off the mill meals they’ve shared with a ‘good friend’, the number itself would tell you how unmemorable these evenings can be.

It’s time to get creative with our dates and steer clear from the usual routine outings. We walked around, disrupted a couple of fancy dinners and crashed some couple-y movie plans to figure out what people really enjoy.

Check out our favourites and tell us about your experiences:

1. Picnic


We find the whole blanket, basket and bottle of wine idea really romantic. Just be careful about drinking in public. Don’t get into any trouble!

2. Cook-a-thon


‘Two’ many cooks never spoiled the broth. Watch your partner slave over spices and help him out a little bit when the flames start to go out of control. Yummy, cheap food always makes people happier than long bills do.

3. Bowling


You can find out so so so much about a person when you go bowling together. Compete against each other or join a random team. You’ll have a ball either way. Pun intended.

4. Dance classes


If nothing else, you can make fools of yourselves and laugh with people whose moves are crazier than yours. We’ve come to realize that dance is a great way to meet new people and be healthy at the same time. Cha cha cha!

5. Stand-up Comedy


Here’s where you should sit in the front row and let the comedian rip you apart. Laugh till your stomachs hurt and if you’re on the same plane by the time the show is over, you know you’d like to see her again.

We know how easy it is to be boring, so no excuses will work on us. Just get out there and plan out your mega-date. You know we are here to help, always and forever!

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