Love at First Site: What next?

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So, you think you’ve met the girl of your dreams. What next? How do you plan to break the ice? Perhaps, throw in a one-liner? Think again! Bet she is squirming with annoyance behind those ‘LOL’s and ‘Hmm’s!

Remember those awkward moments while staring at that empty chat box? What should I say first? Is it creepy to tell her how good-looking she is? Will I pass the litmus test if I discuss my favourite novels with her? Don’t blame yourself! Starting a conversation in the virtual world proves to be as tough as it is in real life. Here are some simple, but insightful dating hacks that will help you start a conversation and sail through it as smoothly:

#3 Listen to her: We all know that women love to talk, but more than that, they love good listeners. It’s the biggest turn-on when a guy invites me to talk about how my day was and patiently listens, as I open up. Most women like men who’ve made the
effort of reading their profiles and remembering her interests. Talk about what she likes. There, you’ve got your perfect ice-breaker!

#2 Captain Cool: So, the conversation is good, and there’s lot of laughter and subtle flirting. What do you do next? Ever noticed how in romcoms, the guy never tells the girl about how beautiful she is or about how much they have in common? Be the
mysterious man by leaving her hot and bothered about your next move.
#1 Be the real you: Prefer dancing over cricket? Love cooking over videogames? Say it out loud! The quest to find the right person is a lot easier when you are honest about your likes, dislikes and habits. Also, what’s more alluring than a man who is good
in the kitchen as well as on the dance floor?!
Online dating might not be as simple as falling in love at first sight, but the adrenaline rush is quite the same! Damn, that excitement when you wait for a message is oh-so addictive! Who knows, maybe the next time you drop in a ‘hi’, you might just
smoothly win her over!
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