How To Date A Capricorn Man or Woman

dating a capricorn

Crushing on a hottie whose birthday falls between Dec 20th- Jan 20th? Well, you’ve been swept away by an irresistible Capricorn. The ambitious goat is a catch, and you might have to work your minds to win them over!

Fret not; we are here to help you out with dating a Capricorn woman or man. 

#1 To wear or not to wear is the question:

Crinkling in confusion and wrecking your heads over what to wear to impress your Capricorn date?

Well, we asked a few Capri peeps, and everyone echoed – “Keep it simple and classy.”

We recommend a cute black dress for the ladies and as for the lads, don’t wear something that will put Bappi Da to shame 😛

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#2 Beware of Cleanzilla:

If you want to ask a Capricorn out for a spur of the moment ‘cup of coffee at my place?’ or dating a Capricorn man or woman, make sure your crib doesn’t look like a set from Godzilla.

They have zero tolerance for messiness. Get your wall clock, fridge door, and every visible object in sight crystal clear, or else they may dump you in no time.

Dating a Capricorn woman or man is also about cleanliness as well if that matters to you. 

#3 Go on; the ambitious goat is listening:

You can speak your dreams out to them, and they’d want to dream with you. Chatting about your plans- what you have in mind for tomorrow, day after, or in 2016, 17… 25, (which to others may seem boring as the weather forecast) may get them very interested in you.

They like ‘what next’ conversations that give a good glimpse of you.

#4 Jokes apart

Though Capris dig sarcasm, be a little careful not to cross the line and carelessly sharp-shoot jokes at them. Softies at heart, they are hypersensitive towards criticism.

Take too many liberties with your jabs, and you’ll soon find out why you never got a reply to your ‘Are you free tonight?’ text. Ouch

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#5 Game of Brains

Capricorns are hooked to challenges that fire up the neurons. Game up for scrabble, puzzles, crossword, Sudoku, Chess, etc.

(Google some!), and they will eagerly ask you for more dates! BTW, the cutest thing about them, even if they beat you at everything, they’ll be the last one to yell ‘I won!.’

Extra modest. Another perk of dating a Capricorn man/woman.

Now, with all the secret knowledge, go ahead and chase and date a Capricorn this year!

All the very best. UnSingle with a Capricorn cutie on TrulyMadly!

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