Here’s why you should date someone from the media world.

Copywriters, Marketing Managers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, PR Executives, Account Executives, Graphic Designers, they are all born storytellers. Yet, that’s just one of the many things that makes them so attractive!

Here’s the rest:
1. They take crazy to another level. 


Don’t be surprised if you end up bungee jumping on your first date. They’re just being creative.

2. They intend those puns.

Wordplay is their thing.

3. They are the only people who’ll watch a show for its ad breaks. 


And then discuss the insights and observations thereafter.

4. Bitch about a client and find the shortcut to their heart.

5. They are most creative when in high spirits.


A beer or two makes their world go around!

6. They’ll network even on a date.


Well, they know everyone. And nearly everyone knows them too!

7. They’ll give you a personal tagline, perhaps.


Just say, “I love you too.”

8. They take brands seriously.


A lot of thought goes in to buying you that Burberry bag.

 9. They can sell anything!

Can convince you to use toothpaste when you run out of salt.

10. Compliment their work. It works better than dirty talk.


It’s your job to flatter them despite this.

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