Fight Club

Technology is awesome. After all, it connects you and us! But sometimes, you can misread a text, Whatsapp message or Facebook comment and that may wreck virtual havoc in your peaceful personal life. Take a leaf out of our rulebook and kick the problem in the gut. We’ve narrowed down a couple of Do’s and Don’ts that helped our friends, family and readers through some crazy net-fights.

1. Answer the Relationship Status question!

2. Avoid saying ‘K’.It confuses everyone.Write anything from OK to Okayyyy. Just. Not. K.

3. Keep your passwords private.

4. Delete mushy pictures with the Ex from social media. ASAP.

5. Don’t randomly unfriend each other when you’re upset.No no!

6. Stalking each other is creepy. Don’t obsess over Activity Logs or Last Seen times.

7. Don’t make your fights public. Keep it clean, guys.

8. Oh and if nothing else works, two words: Privacy Settings.


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