Expect Love When You Least Expect It

how to find true love

Love is no commodity that you may watch its ‘on sale’ ad on the TV one day and then go on a hunting frenzy in your local supermarket to get your hands on. It is something that needs time, focus and energy. And unfortunately people know this very well too but devote those gems in the most wrong place possible.

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Most people are too preoccupied with the idea to find true love that all their energies are directed on the one thing, seeking love; when the truth is with that kind of attitude, you can only just keep on searching for it; for love happens. And it happens when you are least expecting it.
When you are putting yourself out to search for a partner you are being bound by the idea of finding them. You lose yourself in the act and quite bluntly become desperate to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. What in turn you must be doing in place of praying for someone to spot you and become lovestruck at first sight, is to give them reasons to fall in love with you. Instead of looking out for an attractive person to make your own, be that attractive person everyone may want to be a beau of.
You can only go as far as loving yourself truly first. As a matter of fact it is a prerequisite to finding love. When you are truly comfortable in your skin, having fun, dancing with your friends at a night club it automatically launches positive vibes out of you that makes other people attracted towards you. Haven’t you ever felt the same attraction for the most goofy guy or the most lively girl in your class?
So, the logic applies. Be happy, groom yourself and embrace your freedom wholeheartedly. You need to be content with your life and love the fact that you are single. The latter one could be a difficult task given the social and peer pressure but it is as vital as having a cup of tea or coffee to start your day. Being satisfied as a single puts you in a place where you don’t feel the need to be rescued or fixed by your partner. You may still want them but to be on your side but certainly not to complete you.

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Trying too hard to find somebody to love and be loved, ironically compromises your position to find love in the first place. The reason being, you unconsciously trying to be someone who you think they would like. You try to cater to their needs, whims and wishes when in reality you should be doing your own thing so that they like you for what and who you are than getting a hold on a tin robot that is only as good as following commands and serving its master’s wishes.
So the long story short, engaging yourself in various activities of your liking, being confident in yourself and enjoying your life to its fullest are the only ways to send a cue to the universe to find you the right person.
That said, do not take it so lightly either. Finding your love is a conscious process. Unconsciously you fall in love but consciously you welcome love in your life. Seeking love and finding it are two different things. Seeking while dwells on the edge of desperation and compromises your self-love, finding love calls for preparation without giving up on yourself. So, be prepared to find it. Join workshops, activity centres or simply get out more. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, make new friends or giving online dating a chance. For all you know, you can find love in the most unexpected of situations. Or shall we put it this way, love will happen when you least expect it.
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