Good Online Dating Profiles Examples for Females & Males

examples of dating profiles for females

If you’re new to the world of dating online, it might have occurred to you how to set up your dating profile. And in most cases, you would only be able to see good dating profiles examples of other users only when you have completed making yours. So, in this blog, we are going to explore some amazing examples of dating profiles for females.

In this blog, you can get an idea of how to write your dating profile bio, copy a good dating profile template and do much more.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started on short dating profile examples for males and females.

Don’t Take Your Bio as an Interview Space

People on dating apps don’t want to know how “hard-working” you are. This is the secondary stage of knowing a person. The first one is still about what amazes you, your experiences, and all. 

Here are a few short dating profile examples for men and women that you can use:

1. For men

You can start off with a funny and creative line that actually catches others’ attention.

For beginners, they can recreate their profession or their degree in a funny way. This short dating profiles for men can be an icebreaker for you.

2. For women

Your way to building one of the best female dating profile examples is by talking about what really matters to you. It’s okay if you don’t support any movement, or even if you do, you can choose to talk about it, as it refines what kind of people you want to bump into.

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Choosing a Good Image for Your Dating Profile

Images do play a big role in getting you matches on Dating Apps. Considering the number one reason why people don’t get matches for days, image plays a big role.

1. For men

It’s okay to have a cute smile on your face. There’s absolutely no harm in posting a gym mirror picture. But, you shouldn’t be just putting 3-4 pictures all from your gym. This won’t look good. One of the best dating profile examples for men includes a selfie, a groupfie, and a photo taken by someone else. This will give a better understanding of your looks to the other one.

2. For women

So the first thing’s first, don’t upload any Hello Kitty or any other cute cartoon pictures. It won’t look good on your profile and it won’t give any idea to the other one about how you look. A major reason why people get matches is because of their profile pictures. One of the best female dating profile examples includes high-quality photos including some selfies.

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Better profiles get better results


There are people who have been using dating apps for quite some time and they have started to get a grip of how all this works. Today, they understand what kind of matches they get while using certain phrases or images in their profiles. So, you can also try and test with different combinations of descriptions, images, hashtags, trust scores and see what performs better for you. 

Some of the best female dating profile examples have been those that have not used any derogatory remarks in their profiles. You can be savage, and still be compassionate enough to not do anything that offends others.

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Dating Profile Template you can copy

Follow the steps below to create a mesmerizing dating profile for yourself. Keep in mind that these are short dating profile examples. Don’t try to overwrite or over explain unless necessary.

  1. Let others know what kind of a person you’re looking for.
  2. Don’t use anything that’s cliché. A lot of people are scared, and may consider you as someone you’re not.
  3. Use humor and be sincere. Don’t use any form of derogatory humor. Some of the best examples of dating profiles for females and males include good humor.

So, these were some of the finest examples of dating profiles for females and males. We hope that with this blog, you have got an idea of how to actually make your profile on a Dating App that can get you more matches than before.

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Dating Profile Tips on TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is a Dating App that helps people connect with each other and find their forever. While you are on the outlook to make your dating profile on TrulyMadly, you need to ensure that your profile has a clear and original photo. Over 40% pictures on TrulyMadly are rejected by the moderators based on 8 parameters. So, ensure that your pictures are clear, not a group picture, and it should not be of any celebrity’s image.

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