Dating Struggles Of A Girl Whom The World Sees As A Tomboy

You don’t have testosterone loaded blood running in your veins nor do you have that machismo around you. Not even your clothes may be from Nike or Peter England nor you may not care you are sweaty or smelly. But still it is a general perception that if you own more shirts than skirts, if you tie up your hair in a messy bunch or if you are found enjoying a game of football rather than discussing Gossip Girl, you are tomboy.
The world may see you as  tomboy but the reality may be far from it.  Why does the world care why you make a messy bun than donning intricate hairstyles? You could be lazy (pardon me, but that’s the truth) or you could suck at those cute Pinterest tutorials. The skirts may spell hassle for you while shirts power and comfort. And the matches? It’s fun and exciting, isn’t it?And if I still do need to mention it, you are only a girl that happens to have more guy friends than the girlfriends unlike most of the other girls, that’s it.
All of these characteristics and preferences do not necessarily mean you hate dressing up, dislike shopping or chocolates or worse not interested in boys! The stereotypes flying freely in the air making anyone who breathes in it, bind you with their lame jokes, presumptions and condemnations, choke you. When you have always been more comfortable with the guys than the girls you generally fall in a very dubious and difficult situation when it comes to dating.
For ones, you aren’t taken seriously when you do try to dress up or are made fun of when you ask somebody how you look. And asking this to your guy friends is out of question for they will be brutally honest with you even the sick part making you puke and give up nice girly dresses forever. So, how do you know how to dress up for a date. Ah date, don’t even mention it your buddies. They’ll not even make fun of you and propose you grab a drink with them instead but also suggest you an another girl you may like better for a date. And if they do be nice for a change and try to help you, seeking advice from them can get quite repulsive. After all you are ‘one of the guys’ and so they can be out front honest with you telling you what a guy likes.
Although, if you do manage to get past all these, and strike yourself a date. Be sure you will bluntly be kept a watch on and be ‘rescued’ by your gang after only 2 minutes of your date’s holding your hand, for apparently, guys know the best. According to them it will always be something like ‘he wasn’t a nice guy and was definitely not good enough for you’. Yes, guys can be that into a friendship. Too annoyingly caring and protective. So in all fairness, know that you will always be unapproachable by a guy. You must definitely pray hard and wish anyone good luck thus, if they are really interested in you so that they could pull down the barrier.
This is where the girls, that is, girlfriends come out as the best friends. For a perceived tomboy that is you, your only bet at dating a guy is if you have some girls as besties too in your bank, whom you can cash on for advice and tips for dating. And keep it a secret from your other ‘guy friends’ till the dating seems to go somewhere.
And before this article ends, a million dollar advice… Keep the best of both worlds and still listen to your own heart. Don’t change into the ghost of your girlfriends blindly while taking dating advice from them nor let the guys block you off. Keep it simple, be you and let the date know you are not anyone like any other girl.
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