D.I.Y this Valentine’s Day!

Better late than run-of-the-mill, incompatible and awkward. That’s what we at Truly Madly believe in. If you are truly the person you are on your online profile, there is that person to madly fall in love with and share a life with.

Love, will find its way to you and while that’s cooking in the background, there’s no reason you should sit back and couchsurf couple friends’ Facebook timelines. Special days are meant to be just that – Special!

First off, if you are someone who accepts that Valentine’s day isn’t just a day for couples, big bada boom. We have arrived! That’s what we have been trying to convey every single day of our lives here at Truly Madly. We say pamper yourself, reconnect with friends and dance a little for no reason. Most importantly, the Friday-factor (yes! go check calendar) makes everything so much easier to plan. But then we also realize how we are all waiting to borrow ideas off the internet.

So here it is, our own mini-list of things to do this Valentine’s Day. We promise this one is truly madly by us for you.

1. Night Out!


Nothing can compare. Pub crawls are getting increasingly popular now because Delhi and Gurgaon finally have locations that make hopping from one place to the other convenient. Try Hauz Khas Village, Delhi or Cyber Hub, Gurgaon for a bunch of options. We recommend checking menus out before heading out since some of the places may have special V-Day menus that could or could not include your favorite dish. If you’re looking for one solid place to stick to, try the new ones in town before the novelty wears off.

Truly Madly is excited about:

  • Monkey Bar (Vasant Kunj)
  • The Wine Company (CyberHub)
  • Mia Bella (Hauz Khas Village)

Be sure to book a cab or bulao a chauffeur so you don’t drink and drive. Ah, the perks of city life.

2. Indulgence

Go ahead. Do it. No room for guilt. Leave your ‘To Do’ list behind and buy something absolutely exclusive for yourself. One of the most coveted memberships spots today is with Delhi Secret Supper Club (If they initiate you, be sure to let us know!)  For everyone who wants to give the traffic a miss, you can shop online, call a beautician home or even quickly make order a pre-assembled dish and feel like master chefs for a night. We just heard about Beauty Express  and CookFresh  and are looking forward to giving them a shot. Speaking of shots, ever thought of adopting shooting as your new sport of choice?

3. Get innovative

The DIY (Do It Yourself) fever has caught on and we think a Friday night in calls for some serious creative waves. Pampering yourself can get a little expensive, especially if you’ve already exhausted your kitty for the month. So we’ve compiled a list of the easiest DIY projects around so you can look good, organize your life and have fun without spending much at all. It’s a win-win.

  • DIY dessert- Dip strawberries into a jar of Nutella and gobble ‘em up. Yummy.

    Source: Tumblr
  • Home spa potions- Quick and effective.


  • Always wanted a piece of furniture in your home that you can proudly declare as yours? Make it! If you don’t know your way around a hammer as well as you’d like to, go one step simpler and make a hammock instead.

  • If you’re a gizmo junkie, you probably have a bundle of tangled wires around your desk. Use paper binders to set them in place and you’ll suddenly cut your detangling routine to half.
Source: Pinterest

4. House Party
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Make the evening fun for everyone you know by inviting them over for a combined efforts party. Ask your guests to bring a contribution and get down to organizing a few classic party games to break the ice. The beauty of house parties is that you don’t need to do much- just provide a venue and a guest list and your friends will do the rest. Now that we have places that deliver food till the wee hours of morning, you don’t even have to worry about running out of food. Check out FoodPanda, TastyKhana or your neighborhood kathi roll expert for effortless party munchies.

5. The horror, the horror!

Who doesn’t like a good old scare? If you’re staying home with a hot cup of cocoa and want to avoid the rom-coms on TV, collect some thrillers and scary flicks and watch them back to back this Friday night. Make some noise, scare the neighbors and spread some of the delayed Halloween spirit all around. We are particularly obsessed with zombie films and games like Dead Trigger 2 and Plants v/s Zombies these days.

For crazy shrieks-The Conjuring, Insidious

For moderate screams- Carrie, The Orphan

Have fun!

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