Cocktails for Couples – Types of Cocktails Couples Should Try

cocktails for couples

If you are planning to spend a date night indoors or at the restaurant, a glass of drink or a cocktail is very much required here.

On the off chance, if you think drinking alcohol would worsen the situation, then we need to start thinking otherwise now.

A few sips of alcoholic drinks can definitely spice up things (there is a proven study about drinks improving sex performance). 

Here is a list of the best cocktails for couples you can pick for your next date, and this will definitely blow their minds.

Let’s start with the different types of cocktails that couples must try.

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1. Juliet and Romeo

Juliet and Romeo cocktail

Yes, we got the order right, and yes there is a drink by that name! Romeo & Juliet is a mix of gin, cucumber, sugar, mint, and rose water.

Add some teeny-tiny drops of lemon for that extra zing. And there, ready for the two of you, a drink with the most epic love story for its name. This drink will certainly get you in a romantic mood.

2. Amour a Mosa

Juliet and Romeo cocktail

Amour a Mosa is the best cocktail to offer as a token of love to your ladylove. With a name full of love, this type of cocktail promises to make each inch of your body feel rejuvenated.

All you need is champagne and some fruit juices thrown in together, and voila! There, you have ready for you a rather healthy toast for togetherness.

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3. Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach cocktail

This is one of the best types of cocktails for couples you will find in every bar or restaurant you go to.

The perfect summer cocktail that you can enjoy on the beach with your partner, all you need is some vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice.

Blend it all, along with some strong peach liquor. Put those adorable little umbrellas on top, and another sure-shot heat killer is ready!

4. Bloody Mary


Some spice in your drinks sirs and madams? A tingling dash of tabasco in a blend of vodka and tomato juice is what makes Bloody Mary a perfect liquor for couples.

But, psst, we can tell you that your lady love will be charmed if you serve this cocktail in a properly rimmed glass with salt. Last we heard, tomatoes were good for her skin glow as well.

These were some great refreshing cocktails for couples to enjoy together and make an equally cooler drink option for your virtual dates to become a part of your couple bonding regimen.

You can prepare these classic drinks on your own for those fancy and love-Dovey video dates. Keeping safety on priority during this Covid time, it’s a great idea to stay indoors.

Invent some intimate and safe dating idea where these cocktails (home-made) would work like icing on the cake. 

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5. Cosmopolitan

cosmopolitan cocktail

Cosmopolitan is known as a girly drink which was mentioned very frequently on the most-watched television show ever- Sex and the City.

A classic drink to enjoy with your love is a combination of lime, a splash of cranberry juice, and some vodka.

A perfect drink which is perfect for anyone, not only girls, and can be enjoyed for summer parties or get-togethers.

Too lazy to make them yourself? Well, walk down to the next fine-dine with your date, and raise a summer-free toast to each other. What are some of the cocktails that you have made with your partner?

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