Boys Here’s How to Bring Your a-game at the Parties

getting noticed

How does it feel to attend a party and leave with only the food stuffed in your tummy? You had all these high hopes of getting noticed but it all crashed down because all you did was sit in the corner and watched other boys getting all the attention.

Everyone wants to be the life of a party. You may have noticed a cute girl or say a group of girls and want them to notice you too, so it is time to bring in your A-game.

how to get a girl to notice you

So, this is all that you need to focus on. Basically, here’s a quick guide on how to get a cute girl to notice you. 

Before we move right into discussing the pointers, here’s an important piece of advice to you. We all are in this tough COVID situation where health and safety should be our top priority.

It’d be best if we all avoid gatherings, but life must go on. Enjoy your life but please make sure that everybody is vaccinated and is following all the safety measures.

If possible, stick to a close group of friends and do not unnecessarily invite gatherings.

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#1 Your First Center Of Attraction Move For Getting Noticed!

When you reach a party, get your friends and reach for the middle of the room. This is how you will become the center of attention and the people who enter the room afterward will notice you first and will naturally gravitate towards you.

#2 Be There On The Floor Buddy! It’s A Party.

You notice people on the dance floor, right? Show off your dancing skills while having fun too. This is how to get people to notice you, especially cute girls and hot chicks.

You can also attract people towards you by displaying your suave talent, be it some cool dance moves, a funny gig, or your singing.

#3 Waiting For Someone To Notice You Won’t Help! Be Out There.

Are you excited that your crush is at the same party, and also constantly thinking how to get noticed by your crush? Move around.

Don’t keep sitting in a corner and change your place every 15-20 minutes. Each time you go to the bar, take a different direction where there are chances of your crush’s scarf and your watch’s union (kidding). Make your presence felt!

#4 It’s Time You Use Your Most Precious Smile!

Keep the big grin reserved for when you say ‘hi’ to someone known to let them know you are happy to see them. Smiling is the tool that’ll help you in getting attention from the crowd!

#5 It’s Okay To Be The One Who Broke So Much Ice In The Party Last Night. It Tops The How To Get Noticed List!

Don’t hesitate to start a conversation. It helps break the ice especially if the other person is reserved. Also, you never know which conversation will get you the number of the cute chick you were constantly trying to get attention from.

#6 Make The Girl In The Conversation With You Laugh!

Hassi toh fassi! Have some good jokes or funny responses up your sleeve. It always pays to make a girl laugh. However, don’t overdo it. If only you feel the time is right, then go for it!

#7 How To Get A Girl To Notice You? Be A Gentleman In Your Poised Way!

Don’t be afraid to touch, though keep it harmless. A firm handshake, leading a lady by touching the small of the mid of her back or offering your hand to request her for a dance exudes your confidence.

#8 Check How To Choose To Sit Or Stand!

Keep your posture alluring. Lean at the bar, put an elbow at the counter, and take a look around. And while sitting, sit a little diagonally in your chair, in a comfortable position with one arm over the resting arm or back of the chair. It makes you appear in control of your body and projects charisma.

#9 Let’s Apply A Little Trick Here For Getting Noticed!

Excuse yourself at an appropriate time and let her watch you making your way, greeting and meeting different people warmly. This will make you seem attractive and leave her wanting more.

#10 A Warm End To The Party With Some Words She Can’t Overheard!

Return later to tell her again what a lovely time you had talked to her and to say goodbye. This is the time when you also exchange numbers or ask her if she would be interested in another party you have to attend on a later date or simply to go out for a coffee sometime.

When perplexed how do I get a girl to notice me, very quickly make a note of the suggestions mentioned here before heading to a party.

We are sure there’ll be a big smile on your face because the girl at the party who managed to attract you in the first look is finally going on a coffee date with you.


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