21 Best Marriage Anniversary Gifts for Couples Idea in May 2022

Best Marriage Anniversary Gifts for Couples Idea

Wow! Another year of togetherness, already? Time flies. It’s time to celebrate & anniversary gifts for couples hold a special significance and spot. 

With so many occasions one after another, it’s hard to come up with a unique present idea for your special someone every time. But it’s THE WEDDING ANNIVERSARY GIFT and you can’t go wrong. 

Here are some unique and special wedding anniversary gifts for couples you can have a look at. See if something fits your idea.  

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1. Romantic Personalized LED Bottle Lamp

Get the names or photos engraved for sentimental value. 

2. Wedding Caricature

One of the best anniversary gifts for couples. It’s so in the trends currently. Makes a perfect showpiece option too. A corner of nostalgia. 

3. Plants

A little out-of-the-box, but plants make a good gift option. They are a symbol of growth which says the relationship grows healthier. Choose any plant as per your wish with a beautiful and catchy planter. For the 1 year marriage anniversary gifts for the couple, it would work like a charm. 

4. Customized Fridge Magnets

You can customize your name, nicknames, picture, or anything that you associate with your marriage or some special moment of your life. Your fridge will get the cutest makeover.  

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5. Neck Pendant

A great idea for both genders. Whether customized or not, it’s a timeless choice that saves you from the complicated selection process. 

6. Photo Frame

It might sound cliche, but we also have 2.0 versions of photo frames. You don’t have to be boring and dull. Go with something fancy like moving frames, photos changing LED frames, rotating frames, and the list can go on. Do some research and get your hands on something different. 

7. Earpods

For those who binge-watch like crazy, go for it without giving a second thought. It makes a perfect anniversary gift for a friend couple. 

8. Headphones

Work from home, interesting movies, music, and great shows, everything sorted. Pick out a good brand and buy one for your S.O. 

9. Customized Silk Cushion

A cozy gift for a cozy couple. Please do not go with the basic photos and stuff. Try adding a unique element to it that is personal to you and your partner. 

10. 365 Reasons Why I Love You

Maintain a diary and let them know each and every reason why I love you. It might take some extra effort, but it’s a special one. 

11. Books

If your partner is an avid reader, there is nothing better than recommended books of the genre they love to read. It’s a marriage anniversary gift for a couple that you can combine with other gifts. 

12. Customized Mugs

Highlight the personality of the recipient on the mug. Look for business providers who offer first-class services for the same. 

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13. A Day Dedicated To Them

Time is the most precious gift of all. Reserve your day for them & do everything you love to do together. That’s your day, make the most of it. 

14. Bake a Surprise Cake

Anniversary cake baked with love? Can anything go wrong?

15. Dragon Wall Painting

The dragon symbolizes good luck, wealth, prosperity & good health. A gift of fortune. 

16. A-Frame Of Your Special Dates

Frames will always remain a timeless gift option. How creative you can go with it depends on how creative you think. For now, get all the special dates engraved on a beautiful frame to make them stay forever in your home. 

17. Personalized T-Shirts

Yes, we agree it has become a thing of the past but not as an anniversary gift for friend couple. You are free to go crazy and quirky with what you choose to customize it with. 

  • Joru ka ghulam
  • Pati patni aur woh
  • Two crazy people make a mad couple and so on.

18. Goodie Bag

Can’t emphasize enough on the power of a wholesome goodie bag. When in doubt, go with a goodie bag of multiple gifts. 

19. Photo Pop-Up Box

Collect your best life moments and let it come all together. It’s also one of the trending anniversary gifts for couples. 

Tip: Please plan for this gift well in advance. It might take longer than you thought. 

20. Hologram Lamp

For friends, family, or your spouse, hologram lamps are a great choice. Looks amazing when adorned on a table next to the bed or anywhere. 

21. Be Their Genie

Confused and confused and still confused. Get them what they want. Simple! There are thousands of options for anniversary gifts for couples. It might take days to come down to one that feels satisfactory and special. Here we tried and curated options that are couple-friendly to ease your process. We hope you settle with the best that matches the love theme.

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