Cute Names For Boyfriend To Save in Your Phone

cute names for boyfriend

If you have landed here, we are assuming that you are looking for cute names for boyfriend. Imagine shortlisting hundreds of names to call your boyfriend and then wondering if it would suit him or not? Well, here’s the latest list of nicknames girls love calling their boyfriends with. But before we begin.

Is It Really Important To Give A Nickname To Your BF?

If your boyfriend starts calling you with a nickname, it’s the apparent time to give an endearing nickname to him too. Cute names for boyfriend enhance the bonding and connection between the couples. It becomes fun and exciting to call him with a name that defines your relationship.

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In a relationship, calling your boyfriend with cute and lovey-dovey nicknames is a good idea. Now, the nicknames have become a part of a relationship, and these cute naming rituals keep the spice bar high, bring the couple close, and is a sign of trust and bond the couple share.

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The nickname you give to your partner can be a part of his personality, modification of his real name, or anything you call him with love. 

Have a look at some of the famous cute names for boyfriend. Read along for some of the spicy, sexy, exciting Nickname for BF ideas:

  • Gummy Bear
  • Choco Pie
  • Sweetie Pie
  • Cookie
  • Monkey
  • Teddy Bear
  • Munchkin
  • Bubs
  • Loverboy
  • Handsome
  • Dearie
  • Muffin
  • Koochie

In case you want to keep it simple and lovey-dovey, you can go with one of these names, and if you want to spice things up while you are texting flirty, check here.

Cute Names For Boyfriend

Barely girlfriends like to use those boring affectionate terms. You also think that honey, baby, bae, darling, boo, and babe are all old school Nick Name for BF? From the list below, you can take a quick idea of Nickname for boyfriend. Here we go!

Some Names Based on Physical Appearance, Hobbies, Sexy Names, and Casual Nicknames

Name Meaning
Giraffe Obviously, because he is tall
Farty Butt It better be a secret name
Partner in Crime  Sums up your relationship quite well
Panda Because he is super cute and loves to sleep
Samurai Isn’t it Cute?
Pigbutt Because You are tolerating a lazy boyfriend
Donut Isn’t it cute?
Flirtz Because this is how he managed to make you fall for him
Stinky Binky You want him to take a shower, Use this name playfully
Brown Eyes, Ombre, Baby Blue, Cuddles, Sexy Beast, Jelly Beans These are some more nicknames

These are some of the examples of cute names for boyfriend and you are ready to invent something unique of your own!

Please note that in the process, do not invent something out of the negative trait of your partner. Example: Shorty and Fatso. 

How To Choose A Nickname For Your Boyfriend Out Of His Name

A nickname out of the real name is the most common “nickname ritual” people follow these days. Example: Niki for Nikita, Sam for Sameer, J for Jatin, and so on. Likewise, you can create a personalized nickname for boyfriend braided with love to make him feel loved. 

Do Not Always Look For Meaning

You are not inventing technology, right? It is just a name. Sometimes, the Nickname for BF can also come from an inside joke or a cute silly name just casually came out of your mouth and sounded perfect. It can be anything but we are sure your boyfriend will like it every time he will be addressed with the same name. 

Cute Names For Boyfriend In Your Phone

Isn’t it boring to save your boyfriend’s number in your phone with his real name? How about reading an exciting and cute name every time your boyfriend gives you a call or contacts you? Here’s a list of some of the names you can save your boyfriend’s number within your phone that will bring a smile on your face every time he calls you.

nick name for bf

  • Future husband (Why Not!)
  • Heartthrob (If you go crazy every time you see your man)
  • THE boyfriend (Sounds perfect right?)
  • Reason for my smile (sounds a little crazy but doesn’t your boyfriend always make you smile?)
  • Trouble-Maker ( Use this name playfully)
  • My one and only, Mine, My soulmate, and My whole world (Because you want to be with him only)
  • Okay, Always, Forever, and So on (If you have read “the fault in our stars” and you love it, you can come with more such words as these simple words can have deep meanings)
  • Romeo (Because shakespeare can’t be wrong)

These are just a few examples of cute names for boyfriends in your phone. You can come up with more such names and even change it as per your mood.

flirty texts

With all these hashtags trending in the relationship world where a combination of both the partner’s name makes a new name, don’t you wish the same for yourself?

We are sure you also want one such Nickname for your boyfriend, and it’s a lovely idea to call your partner by the same name!

So don’t wait anymore! Take a pen and a notebook, write your names, come up with a beautiful name, and start calling your boyfriend with that name. He will like it for sure! 

Many people find it funny to give Nicknames to boyfriends, but to remind them, the cute Nickname to your boyfriend given by you is something you own and have a copyright on (not literally though).

Unlike their real name, only you are allowed to call him with the Nickname which is a special feeling for both girlfriend and boyfriend. Ready with a Nickname for boyfriend?

Having said that, creating a Nickname should not be done in haste and should be friendly and loving.

It should not offend your partner, and it is salient to consider the feeling of your BF if he approves of the name or not.

On the other hand, it is quite probable that your boyfriend has a Nickname in mind, which he wants you to call him.

You can consider that as well! So without giving it a second thought, choose a Cute name for boyfriend and make your love bondings stronger.

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