13 Beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Anyone Will Adore

DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him Her

Are you celebrating your first Valentine’s Day this year? Is your love like fine wine, YEARS OLD, and BETTER & BETTER? This LOVE WEEK is super- special for you for multiple reasons? Well, this list of valentines gifts ideas would sweeten it even more for you.

Celebrate your big day by combining it with a memorable and creative Valentine’s gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friend, and the special people in your life. 

Try these DIY Valentine gift ideas to surprise your partner with a little something loaded with love, care, promises, and memories!

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1. Open When Letters

Give your partner a very beautiful reminder of your love with ‘Open When Letters’ this Valentine season. If you cannot give it physically, then you can send them open when emails as well, digitally! These are the best for LDRs where you cannot meet your partner. It’s the best gift option that fits brilliantly in every mood at any given time. Your set of letters can include: 

Open When Letters
Open When Letters
  • Open When You Are Missing Me Like Devdas Misses Paro Lol Lol.
  • Open In Your Difficult Time And Share A Laugh With Me. 
  • Open For Motivation and Brighten Your Day, Love. 
  • Open When Stress Surrounds You.
  • Open For My Favorite Thing On Your Face, Your Smile! 
  • Open When It’s Raining
  • It’s The First Letter That You Must Open
  • Open When Nostalgia Hits You
  • Open When You Are Sick, Baby. 
  • Open Just After We Fight.
  • Open On Your Lazy Sunday.
  • Open On Your Birthday

The list can include whatever feels right and special. These letters will keep you guys in touch even if you are miles apart. 

2. Greeting Cards Never Get Out of Fashion

Greeting Cards Never Get Out of Fashion
Greeting Cards Never Get Out of Fashion

One of the classic and last-minute cheap valentines gifts that we want to share with our readers has to be greeting cards for the special day. Most of you might disagree with the idea because cards are so yesterday, right? Well, no! Whether handwritten, purchased, or even virtual, cards still hold a trending spot on the creative Valentines day gifts ideas list. 

Let the romance ooze out! 

3. Love Cookies

Are you looking for at home Valentine’s day ideas? This one might excite you! This season is dedicated to love, so why not let your heart out? 

Love Cookies
Love Cookies

Is cooking not your forte? Well, that’s the special drill! Your partner will appreciate your hard work, but let them wait for the surprise. 

Bake yummylicious (OKAY TRY) cookies with secret messages written on pieces of baking sheets inside each cookie. The messages can be special, naughty, funny, and anything that defines the very essence of your relationship. Trust us, you won’t go wrong with this one. 

4. Cake Made Exclusively for Your Valentine

Cake Made Exclusively for Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is incomplete without desserts. What better than a cake baked by you loaded with love and flavors? Steal your partner’s heart with your baking skills and share a cake.  

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5. Handmade Fridge Magnets

For some quirky and cute Valentines day gifts ideas, try customized fridge magnets with your partner’s picture on them, your picture, some message, some sort of memory, or anything special printed on it that you want your partner to remember forever. 

6. Scrapbook


They say memories are the loveliest gifts of all. So why not present your partner with all the memories you’ve cherished together. Make your partner a scrapbook of love with photos of all your happy moments. Such DIY Valentine gift ideas for him/her might take a while, but they are going to be worth it! 

7. Hand-painted Couple T-shirts

Hand-painted Couple T-shirts
Hand-painted Couple T-shirts

Such DIY gifts for couples are enough to make their love season memorable. Take the T-Shirt as an empty canvas and paint it with quirky graphics or quotes for that special element of love. 

8. Sweetheart Candies

Sweetheart Candies
Sweetheart Candies

Believe it or not, heart-shaped candies are still the most popular Valentine’s day gift box ideas couples go GaGa about every Valentine. What could be sweeter and cuter than this, huh? 

9. Keepsake Treasure Box

Keepsake Treasure Box
Keepsake Treasure Box

If you’re still scrolling for DIY Valentine gift basket ideas, here’s something for you. Prepare a basket of meaningful treasures like pictures, jewelry, flowers, candies, and more. A goodie bag is what you need for a million-dollar smile on his/her face. 

10. Handmade Photo Collage

Handmade Photo Collage
Handmade Photo Collage

All you need for this gift is an empty canvas and a lot of pictures of you and your partner. Cut out pictures and glue all of them on the canvas in the heart shape. If you are feeling a little more creative, have fun creating this DIY gift with glitters, paints, stickers, and other fun elements.  

11. Valentine’s Tea Bag

Valentine’s Tea Bag
Valentine’s Tea Bag

For your tea lover baby, it’s a must-try. Creative, useful, and cheap, make DIY tea bags to warm up your partner’s Valentine’s day. Simply hand-cut, fill and sew them with their favorite flavor of loose tea. 

A sip of love straight from your heart. 

12. Countdown Paper Chain

Countdown Paper Chain
Countdown Paper Chain

It starts to feel special from Feb 1, right? It feels like LOVE IS IN THE AIR. So why not make it doubly special with some unique Valentines gift ideas. Prepare two paper chains with white and red colors starting from Feb 1 till Feb 14. Keep one with yourself and give one to your partner. Tear off one heart every day and welcome V day with much love.  

13. Love Letters Game

Love Letters Game
Love Letters Game

Spell out a sweet, little message for your partner, but let them know what it is. Cut out each letter of the message you want to give your partner. Beautifully wrap them in a box and let them decode it. You can choose to either give them just one big message or a lot of it. The choice is totally yours. Have fun together! 

This game will be a lot of fun if you’re planning on proposing to someone. Cut out a message that says it all, let them decode, and record their reaction. 

Remember, anything done out of pure love is very special in itself. Doesn’t matter how fancy or how cheap; love is all that matters at the end of the day. So try one of your favorite at home Valentine’s day ideas and let the day count! 

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