9 Things To Do When Someone Is Playing Hard To Get

Dating isn’t called a game for nothing. Even if RomComs, poetry, songs and art has glorified it, love is still a brutal game where both the players are cautious of their opponent’s move and want to have the upper hand. It is always ‘win it all’ or ‘lose everything’ in this game. So, it is hardly something to be frowned upon when someone plays hard to get. After all courtship is the time when one is wooing and other is playing him to test his demeanour and his worth as a potential date. However, it is definitely an enormous task for the former to carry out. Hence, given here are 9 things you can do to get that someone who is playing hard to get.

1. Bluff them.

Don’t respond as they may be expecting you to. Smile at them, talk for a little while and then excuse yourself without asking for their number. Return later to tell them you are leaving and then you can ask for it casually.

2. Play along for a while.

This is what they want- your attention. So humour them for a while and play along giving them importance and running after them. But then STOP! Now, watch them getting confused and come running after you.

3. Make her miss you.

It is not a good thing to be too available to them. If you also stay out of sight sometimes they will definitely miss all that special attention they got from you.

4. Keep the mystery alive.

Don’t show all your cards to them at once. That will kill all their fascination for you and will only get them bored. Keep them intrigued and they will keep hooked on.

5. Put in more effort.

You don’t need to serenade them with a guitar down at their window but definitely take a step forward and ask them out or if you have been texting them for a while, give them a call now.

6. Be quick and witty.

Observe their body language, expressions and mannerisms and listen to their words carefully to pick out the ones that can be used to your own advantage. You need to be witty here and confuse them or make them laugh using their own tool.

7. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Skip their calls or reply to them really late. Play hard to get yourself and leave them wondering what’s got into you.

8. Put the reigns on.

If the game’s been going on for a while now, stop all the little surprises, sweet talk and special attention. Pull yourself away from the scene completely and wait for a while to see if they realize what you mean to them and contact you back.

9. Confront them.

Now’s the time to come out clean and ask them where are they going on with this. After a nice dinner or movie, tell them truthfully you would like to date them and can’t play around like that anymore.
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