9 Expectations You Have From A Guy When You’re A Daddy’s Girl

When you are a daddy’s girl you inadvertently start wishing your beau too to be just like him! Correction… No one can ever touch the level of your super amazing dad but you definitely expect him to be at least 99% (now that’s reasonable) of how loving and caring he has always been to your mom. And then you being his darling princess, neither him nor you can settle for anything less than these expectations.

1. He will always treat you with respect and never talk down to you.

You’ve seen your dad always being sweet with your mom (nor that she’ll ever let him be otherwise) and always keeping her pride and respect on the top priority.
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2. He would have a serious job and leave the sagging into the couch to watch his favorite shows back to back for the holidays.

Your dad has been constantly working hard for the past 25 years only so he can make your mom and yours life comfortable and happy.
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3. He would always get up to help you with something even if that would be the last thing he would want to do otherwise.

Though sometimes, your mom had to bargain, letting him have an extra helping of dessert or threaten him she’ll not make it at all to get him move his a**, you know he was ready even before she asked him for help.
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4. He would adopt the role of your caring and loving nanny whenever you fall sick.

You have seen your dad sitting sleeplessly at your mom’s and yours bedside when you have fallen sick and take full charge of the house as well as your medicine et al flawlessly.
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5. You will always make him proud no matter what.

The time when you flunked the exam and was terrified he will be upset was surprisingly also the time when he was the sweetest and the most understanding dad of all.
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6. He’ll be there the first one whenever you need him.

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7. Though he may not know how to, he’ll still try to cook for you only so he could get you to forgive his silly mistake.

You have had enough days when you had to eat burnt toast, courtesy dad forgetting mom’s b’day.
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8. You’ll always find his sincere helping hand and a supporting shoulder in all your wants and needs.

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9. He will love you unconditionally….always.

image source/ Yash Raj Films
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