8 Ways Getting UnSingled Changes You For Good

Yes, of course relationship brings changes in you. After all your partner is one of the most important and closest persons in your life whom you share with all your life’s happenings, be it big or small or happy or sad. You also seek their advice and ask for their opinions. And when someone that is on your speed dial and with whom you almost have a 24 hrs. connectivity tie up, how can one deny their influence on your lives?
But what is wrong here is not to assume they change you, but to assume the relationship changes you into a vicious and black avatar of your self. In reality though, a relationship changes you for good. The essential life virtues that you may have lacked as a single automatically gets culminated in you when you get UnSingled. Don’t believe us?? Read and find out for yourself.

1. You start sharing.

We all know how hard it is to let someone steal a bite from your burger. But surprisingly you somehow don’t hit their hand when they try to take some fries off your plate, instead find yourself feeding them yourself! OMG!
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2. You become selfless and compromising.

You have to. When there’s Terminator and Devil Wears Prada showing simultaneously on two different channels… Sometimes you do have to let them have their way to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 78th time because you already did your 79th with Meryl Streep last weekend.

3. You lower down your ego.

With your lips touching the ground in an inverted ‘U’, eyes rounded up like balls and your hands holding at least a 2 dozens of ridiculous heart shaped balloons, when you kneel down to say sorry to your bae, how can your ego not get embarrassed and run away from home?
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4. You become more accepting and less judgmental.

When your boo can tolerate your dress parade each time you have to go out, you can of course accept and no pass judgement on his collection of little man toys and video games that he still displays (pssst.. and plays) with pride like badges in his room.

5. You become open to constructive criticism.

You know he’s risking to make do without a week long of kisses or hugs when he tells you you have gained weight so, unless it’s actually a matter of worry you know he’ll never criticize you. So, taking criticism in a positive way and working on your weak areas is what you start doing when in a relationship.
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6. You learn it’s okay to depend on someone or asking for help.

Your beau is someone you can’t help but depend on for making you cheer up, to sometimes make plan and remember to get you things (or food) more than often so not taking their help or trying to be rigid and doing everything yourself is out of question. After all, both they and you love it when you do things for them as well, don’t you?
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7. You start to appreciate the little things of life.

All from the small cuddles to holding hands or a simple hug to cheer you up when you’ve had a rough day seem so small…. but in fact go a long way in imprinting your heart and your life. This is how you start to find happiness in the littlest of things. And you wondered why even your khadoos boss isn’t able to spoil your mood these days!
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8. You become the protagonist of little deeds of care and love.

A cute keyring for her new bike, a T-shirt with a cool quote for no reason and some cheesy but love texts sent out of blue when they are on work….. who won’t be happy with such small acts of love and care. Being in a relationship instils in you the virtue of being more thoughtful and loving that way.
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