8 reasons to try online dating. If you aren’t there already.

You hardly find the time to meet people let alone woo someone?

You spend 80% of your time online?

You shop, book tickets, order food and even pay bills online?

Well, then we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be meeting people online. As much as you may want to deny, online dating has its perks. And if you’ll never try, you’ll never know.
Here’s a list of things that makes online dating, definitely worth a try:
1. An exciting new experience


Oh yes, you do get an adrenaline rush when it’s a mutual match!

2. You get to know them before you meet.  


And he’ll make sure you get your favourite chocolate on the first date.

3. You’ll get a wild story to share with your friends.


Let them feel the envy.

4. You’ve got a bigger pool of options


Unlike the offline scene, it’s a pleasant problem of plenty online.

5. Your personal details remain personal.


Spill the beans only when you feel like.

6. It takes the awkwardness out of approaching people.


Approaching people at a public place vs. approaching them online – take your pick!

7. Online dating rules vary from your regular dating rules.

Stalk Read their profiles, learn their interests and take off from there! Contrary to the regular dating scene, you don’t have to start from scratch.

 8. You can date anytime, anywhere!

Sit back in your most comfortable pyjamas and browse through profiles on a lazy weekend.
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