8 Reasons To Date A Dog Person

No doubt dogs are the best companions, not to mention the icing on the cake, so cuddly and cute as well. But those dog owners that absolutely love their pets are no less either. Here’s why the dog lover you are eyeing IS definitely a keeper:

1. They are the world’s best cuddlers.

With daily practice of belly rubbing and fur scratching skills, a dog person has the warmest and most cosy hug to offer. Had a rough day at work? Get a hug from your bae and forget all woes.
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2. They are the most patient people possible.

If they can put up with the excruciating exercise of training an absolutely clueless pup, you can be sure they’ll deal with your tantrums with a smile on his face.
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3. They are known to be the most easy going.

The unexpected poop bombs are enough to teach them to be easy going so even if you accidentally break his iPod, no problem. (STILL, DON’T DO THAT!)

4. They are healthy and active.

Finding newer ways to play with their pet apart from the numerous daily walks with them ensures they get enough exercise. Besides, it’s scientifically proven that pet owners are healthier than the others owing to a greater immunity power.
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5. They are kind.

Their pure love for animals makes them super kind and caring. Right from rehabilitating, serving at dog pounds or caring for a stray, they love it all.
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6. They easily forgive.

Being used to the myriad mishaps, they understand it very well that sh*t happens. So, even if you fall asleep in the middle of a phone conversation with them, you can be assured that they won’t stay mad at you for long. Just take a cue from their cute doggie and ask for forgiveness once. 😉
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7. They are thoughtful and considerate.

When a pup’s gotta go, it’s gotta go even if their owner may want to stay a little more in their soft bed. So, when they learn to ignore the snooze button for the sake of their fuzzy friend, they learn to be thoughtful enough to skip a match sometimes, just to be with you.
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8. They are truly alive and happy beings.

When there’s a true and faithful friend to cheerfully welcome them home and patiently listen to all their complaints, they would of course be truly happy souls! And when the bae is so happy, how would it not rub on you as well!
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