7 Things You NEED To Know About Online Dating… Like Yesterday!

Umm, who can say major #relationshipgoals x 10 to the image above? I mean, haters can be haters, but you know love when you see it. And Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s romance leave me wondering what it’d be like… Whether you’re 13 or 30, finding your perfect date can be hard. I feel ya’. Some of us have it easy, while others don’t. But don’t sweat the small stuff (who am I kidding, THIS IS MAJOR STUFF, sweat it out!). But all hope’s not lost. There’s always online dating, right? (Note: does not imply for 13 year olds). Also did you just cringe when I said online dating? For those who are wary and hesitant to step into this new-age world to find bae, we’ve listed some of the pros that might just make you download that dating app STAT!

1) Time Saver

Is work your only love relationship? Yeah, we’ve been there. This is way errbody gets to be happy!

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 2) Multi-Functional

Want to reply to emails but your dinner date gets pissy? Don’t worry, this way you can give time to both!

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 3) Opens Your Horizons

You may not have any experience, but it sure will get you loads of it! And who knows, you might need that experience for later in life. #Yolo

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 4) You Have Options

Sometimes we tend to pluck the same fruit from the tree. You might think “where the other damn trees at”, right? But now you can choose! The world is your oyster… Kinda…

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5) No Obligations

You know that awkward silence… Been there, done that! Time to kiss that awkward first date goodbye. Hey! At least you won’t be stuffing your face at dinner just for the sake of it.

gif 5

6) Ego Boost

‘Sexy’ ‘Gorgeous’ ‘Cutie pie’. Ever heard over a dozen compliments and messages? Who needs to be the Queen, when you can feel like one every moment?!

gif 6

7) It Can Be A Lot Of Fun

Let’s not dither from the true goal of life! Having fun! Who cares if you make an ass of yourself. Who cares if it doesn’t work out? Live in the moment and enjoy!


So, relax. Let’s live a little, shall we?

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