7 Letters of Relationship Advice To My Younger Self

It’s been a struggle for you all these years in matters of love. If only you hadn’t made all those rash and stupid decisions. If only your future self could guide you to make the right choices! Well, if you could wound’t it be so wonderful…? Maybe the Butterfly Effect could have secured your life into a blissful unsingled version much longer before!

At age of 17

Don’t waste your time over her… when you’ll fail in your boards, neither will you get her nor the 3rd row wali chashmish.


At age of 18

Stop right now! Giving a shoulder to your buddy’s ex will not only cost you your best friend forever but you’ll know the meaning of *BPL before they even start making ZNMD. (*Wait for it)


At age 19

Taking a long time to give an answer will not make you any more desirable… Before you’ll decide to say yes… She’ll have her status changed from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’


At age of 20

Don’t give your bestie and your crush your b’day treat together…. Trust me. You are better off without knowing why.


At age of 21

Don’t gift an already committed girl an iPhone… na ladki milegi na iPhone wapas.


At age of 22

No no no…. Don’t be too friendly if your intention is more than just driving her around the town.


At Age of 23

Did you not learn anything all these years?

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