6 Gorgeous Looks For A Daytime DATE Inspired By Indian Divas

While the evenings are reserved for more dressy looks, we are often left wondering how to go about our look for a date in the day time. Neither can it be too flashy nor too dull, and we still need to look attractive, since after all, it’s our date! So, to sideline those frustrating and indecisive moments when we can’t seem to make up our mind of what to wear and what kind of make-up to do, we have brought to you some great ideas that are inspired by the lovely Bollywood divas.

1. Deepika Padukone

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Make-Up: Prepare the face for make-up with the right shade of concealer and foundation. Keep the base light. Contour the face with a matt shade of brown in matching skin tone. Use mineral blush in a neutral shade to highlight the cheek bones. Apply a reddish-brown color which has a subtle sheen to it and use the same color palette for eyes, deepening contours with brown.
Hair: Part your hair on one side and make a light French roll gathering all the hair up. Now secure with bun pins.
Dress: A cute feminine top or shirt teamed with a knee length skirt in contrasting shade.
Accessories: Just a light gold chain with a small pendant, a pair of oversize sunglasses along with a clutch and a pair of pumps in neutral shade would be perfect.

2. Kareena Kapoor

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Make-Up: Use a light tinted moisturizer and concealer to form the base. Now use a very light bluish-grey eye shadow to cover the eyelids. On the outer corners, use a darker shade of grey to give depth to the eyes. Apply kohl and mascara to finish. A blush and a gloss in nude would complete your look.
Hair: Blow dry your hair. Now, leaving the hair on the front one-third part of the crown, tease all of the hair on the upper side. Now carefully settle them down and half pin your hair up. Part the hair on the front to gently frame your face.
Dress: An off-shoulder dress would be perfect in a block color or even a floral print would look great. However, you can also opt for a more traditional kurti as well.
Accessories: A beaded or studded necklace and a similar bracelet along with high heels.

3. Sonam Kapoor

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Make-Up: Use a matt foundation for base. Apply a matt lipstick in dull pink. Apply a dull grey eyeshadow and define the creases with a darker shade. Now apply a thick black cat eyeliner. Now’s the fun part. Apply a thin line of second eyeliner in white over it, plus a white eye-pencil in place of kohl. This will give you a wide, doll-eyed look. Now stick false eyelashes and apply mascara on both the top upper and the lower lashes.
Hair: Do the same as in look (2) but instead of leaving the hair open, roll them up into a low bun. Now lightly pin the side flicks too. Finish with a headband.
Dress: A peplum or shift dress in monochrome would be best although you can also go for a low bodice dress as well.
Accessories: A pair of high heeled bellies and an oversized bag.

4. Alia Bhatt

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Make-Up: Keep the make-up minimal with just a light base and the blush in a warmer shade of pink. Apply a matt lipstick in mauve or any darker pink shade. Use neutral tones of matt eyeshadows to adorn the eyes and eyeliner to finish.
Hair: Use liberal amount of mousse in your hair and blow dry giving them slight curls simultaneously with your hands. Apply hairspray to fix them as is.
Dress: A short dress with long sleeves would be ideal. Alternately, you can also try a high-waisted pencil skirt with a kaftan style blouse.
Accessories: A pair of small and matching studs and a cocktail ring along with a pair of high heeled peep toes would complete your look.

5. Shraddha Kapoor

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Make-Up: The key is to keep it clean. Start with a good concealer. Then apply a dark shade of eyeshadow matching to your dress. Define your eyes with a deeper shade on the crease lines and on the outer corners of the eyes. Now apply a thick line of eyeliner. Use a subtle shade of pink or brownish-pink lipstick and a blush in a similar shade.
Hair: Press your tresses well to give them a nice and straight look. Seal them in place using a good hairspray.
Dress: A short and crisp dress in earthy tone or a chic silk blouse teamed with a pencil skirt or pallazos.
Accessories: A big rock on fingers, a thin chain and a nice pair of bellies is all you need.

6. Katrina Kaif

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Make-Up: Give yourself a fresh and natural look using a tinted moisturizer. Apply a subtle shade of red on the lips and enhance them using a gloss over them. Apply cream blush of a similar tone on the cheek bones. On the eyelids, apply an earthy tone of eye shadow and give depth with a darker reddish-brown color on the contours. Apply a thin line of eyeliner, curl your eyelashes and finish with a coat or two of clear mascara.
Hair: Make loose curls in your hair or ruffle your hair and apply hair spray to give them some substance. Now divide your hair into two parts and twist them together to form a loose side-braid. Secure with a band at the end. Decorate your hair with a floral hair band or even a fresh flower at one side.
Dress: Wear a chiffon dress with frills, layers or uneven hemline.
Accessories: Thin metal bangles or bracelet with tiny trinkets or embellishments hanging from them and a cute anklet would match perfectly. Complete your look with cute flats or ballerinas.
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