5 Worst Foods to Eat on a 1st Date!

So! We’ve all been there. We’re chewing yummy food. Our mouths are full. Then someone asks us a question. Ouch. Gotta nod furiously for 30 seconds while finishing that bite so we can answer. By that time, the moment has usually passed. Sucks. But it’s true! It’s okay when you know the person like the back of your hand but on a first date? Naw!
Here’s our quick list of 5 foods to avoid on a first date:

1. A big juicy burger. 
So delish. The right burger will be so full of goodness that it will spill over onto the plate if you’re lucky and on your white shirt if you aren’t. Avoid, for now.

2. Salad. Just salad.

Dates are all about ditching diets. Come on, live a little.

3. Hot wings
hot wings
You don’t want your date to aim sugar cubes into your mouth because your tongue is on fire, do you? Although that sounds like fun.

4. Pizza with a fork and knife

That’s just wrong and you’d be offending the Italians if you do this!

5. Anything with a shell

If you pop some crabfish open and hit her eye by mistake, you’re not going to get a second date, buddy!


Our suggestion? If you’re going to go for any of these 5 dishes, just make sure you’re sharing. If both of you suffer together, it’s cute 🙂

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