5 Ways To Break The Ice With A Potential Match

People get hundreds of messages while online dating but only a few of those are able to break the ice and get through. Your message must be more that just ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ and seem interesting to get you a reply back. So, here are 5 important ways you need to go about to successfully break the ice with a potential match.

Comment on something unique.

Read their profile carefully and comment on something you find interesting or suppose if they are wearing a red dress in their picture compliment them saying the colour suits them.

Check their list of favourites. Discuss movies, books, music genres.

Look out for their interests.

For example if they like to paint, ask them if they have been to the new art gallery that opened up or if they are athletic ask them if they have ever gone on a hike on a certain path that only a few people know about.

Pose a fun question.

Questions on the likes of ‘Have you ever…’, ‘Would you rather…’ and ‘Suppose if…’ are fun to answer and so set your message apart from the crowd and always get you a reply.

Point out the commonality.

If the person you are messaging is into a certain sport or went to the same school as you, grab their attention by exclaiming “Hey! I went to &*^%# school too! It’s surprising we didn’t meet then!”.
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