17 Perks Of Dating A Photographer You Need To Know

perks of dating a photographer

1. They are outdoorsy and know every beautiful spot in the city.

Imagine being with someone who captures most of the beautiful moments spent with you. This being said, someone who has the camera app ready on their phone or a camera at their behest.

While most of the people who date someone with not a photography background should at least once have experience of dating a photographer.

With that being said, let’s check out the perks of dating a photographer.

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Photographers are well versed in terms of the best scenes and the angles at which they should capture scenic images for the best outcomes.

Therefore, dating a photographer means enough profile pictures for all your social media handles. Isn’t it great!!

2. And even if you are planning a trip somewhere away, trust them to list out for you the most picturesque spots to visit there.

If your date has traveled places, they may tell you all the brilliant spots that you should visit to get the best photographs for your travel magazine!

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3. They will never allow a pimple ruin your picture.

Photographers know about the insecurities of people. And they understand how difficult it is for some people to even get a picture clicked.

This is why you should trust a photographer to ensure your pimple never ruins a picture for you.

image source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

4. They will find beauty even in your just out of bed look.

You’d be surprised how someone could fall for your morning out-of-bed looks. And when you see the final images your photographer partner just clicked for you; you’d be surprised by the result. 

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5. If you need time to yourself all you need is to tell them is you want a specific photograph and off they’ll go to get it for you.

We all have an image of the perfect photograph in our minds. Just tell your photographer date regarding the kind of image you want, and they’ll ensure no stone remains unturned to get you the picture you wanted.

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6. With all those faking models surrounding them, they’ll always prefer the real you.

Photographers know the reality of beauty standards in and out. And no matter the kind of photography or shoot they’re into, they’ll end up choosing you, your imperfectly perfect body, and the way you look when you smile. This is why you can trust a photographer, no matter what.

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7. They are truly happy beings. After all, they made their hobby their job, making each moment a cheerful one.

 It takes a lot of guts to pursue your passion, especially in a country like India. And this really gets people to respect them all the more.

Dating a photographer would mean that you would always respect them, no matter what they earn. Because, after all, satisfaction is also something that matters.

UTV Motion Pictures/ Featured Image Source

8. You know how guys never notice anything? Well, he will. Each time. And every single detail.

Photographers know everything that happens anywhere. They are a record book of their own.

And you’ll be surprised how they have facts ready about anything that happens between you two.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. Even your rickety old Scooty will look so great on OLX when they take its picture.

Everything looks good in a DSLR picture. With a DSLR, you can get beautiful pictures of your old Vespa and 2011 Maruti Suzuki! This is another perk of dating a photographer.

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10. You’ll never miss out on anything because they’ll always have the moment captured for you.

If you ever feel low, your photographer date will always have some special pictures to light up your mood. 


11. Same goes for all the lovely moments you spend together. You can literally fill your walls from top to bottom with those snaps.

Don’t let your photos stay in your Hard Drive. Get your images printed and pinned to your wall. 

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12. They are pretty good at working in the dark. 😉

Dark photography is the next big thing on social media. You can ask your date to click some stunning pictures just like the ones you’ve seen in Netflix movies.

image source

13. You’ll finally have a partner with a great vision for the arts. Just like you do!

Sports and all are great, but if you are more into arts, nobody other than a photographer partner would be best to talk about it and feel it through snaps.

And this is why dating a photographer is recommended. At least there would be someone whose love for arts and scenic beauty matches yours.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

14. You can have your unique photography sessions date!

Cafes, lunches, dinners, and everything is fine. But have you ever tried going on a date where romance happens through snaps?

Well, your photographer partner can capture your candid moments and make sure that you look the prettiest/handsome in all the pictures.

UTV Motion Pictures

It could either be a lens or a cleaning kit or anything that he’s going to use on a daily basis.

But, you always have the right to test different waters for gifting purposes.

image source

16. They are too patient and wouldn’t mind you spending hours shopping or painting your face. They can do candid pics till then.

Photographers know the value of every second. Don’t mind. They won’t tell you how they were made to wait for something.

They’ll simply utilize the time for clicking some pictures or something.

Yash Raj Films

17. They are always up for some romance, watching the sunset with you. And they always know where exactly it looks its best.

image source/ T-Series /featured image source 

Photographers know diagonals and magnetic zones. Thus, they also know where the sunset would look the best. 

So these were the perks of dating a photographer, and with this, we come to an end to the blog. If you also date a photographer, let us know the perks you feel that were missing in this blog.

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