Dating A Football Fan

Remember when you initially started dating this great guy? The butterflies, the flutter of the heart, the blushing of skin! And then, came the big night when he invited you home for the weekend. You wore your slinkiest dress, favourite stilettos, only to find him in bed…wearing the Argentina jersey waiting for the match…and you, of course.
So, you’re dating the mad, mad football fanatic. The good news is that you needn’t know that there’s more to Portugal than Cristiano Ronaldo (Renato Sanches, in case you want to show off) Just follow these tips- you’ll need them even after the Euros. After all, you are his third serious love, after Argentina…and The Gunners.
1. You’re expected to wear a jersey for every game night.

jersey pic

2. You’ll have to learn to pretend to care about the fate of the game.
Football = weekend date nights.
3. Learn to blame the referee for the losses.
Or just blame the offside rule.
4. It’s a foul to check out the attractive players for anything but their game.
ronaldo pic5. You’ll score alright in bed, whatever be the outcome.
If it’s angry sex, it’s a loss and if it’s a win…well…
6. Free beer and pizza. Enough said.
7. Cheer his fantasy football team.
Brownie points if you suggest the captain of his fantasy football team. (GRIEZMANNNNNN!)
Maintain the bluffing on the minimum and you’re good. May the best team win!
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