15 Great Ideas For A Unique Date With Your Hubby

romantic date ideas for married couples

Do you often miss the fun and excitement of a wondrous date with your husband?

You feel that there’s a dearth of date night ideas for married couples? Even if you may think dating is not for you anymore, now that you have got married and see each other every day, it can still actually be fun and magical.

Here are some great romantic date ideas for married couples that can give both of you a much-needed break to enjoy each other’s company.

1. Pack your lunch and head to a nearby park for a lovely picnic!

Thinking of newer ways to spend your evenings together than with just a home-cooked meal at your dining table? One of the must-try date ideas with your husband! An environment change always works like magic coupled with romantic chit-chat and amazing food! 

married-1-picnic-couple-fun-priyanka-shahidImage source/ Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment- Eros International

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2. Go on a zestful chaat spree and explore the by-lanes of your city together!

Make a note of this. You would love it and would want to do this often. Diet issues? Cheat meals with your partner would be worth all the calories! 

married-2-gol-gappe-competition-friends-enjoy-food-eat-anushka-srk-rab-ne-bana-di-jodiImage source/ Yash Raj Films

3. Surprise your spouse with a lovely homemade dinner, and enjoy it at a candle-lit table set on your verandah or terrace!

This one for sure tops the list of romantic ideas for married couples at home! Plan a little bit and you are all set to turn the night romantically amazing. 

married-3-hrithik-katrina-bang-bang-night-couple-love-alone-together-candle-light-dinnerImage source/ Fox Star Studios/20th Century Fox

4. Say goodbye to the old boring schedule for a couple of days!

Take a short trip to a place you both like, book a hotel, and have breakfast in bed. Nothing like it to unwind and enjoy in peace without having to worry about your daily chores.

married-4-tickle-morning-couple-ddljImage source/ Yash Raj Films

5. Go on a hike to a nearby place and spend a long weekend in a secluded cabin!

Let’s make a new couple slogan. Ready for it? Couples who smile together, hike together, and climb together; stay together. Quite random but true! 

married-5-cabin-trip-guitar-couple-loveImage source

6. Take a long drive to the outskirts of the city, eat at a dhaba, and enjoy the sunset together!

Sometimes, all that you crave for is some time with your partner away from all the responsibilities you both have on your shoulders, Sometimes, feeling light and loved is the key. Go on a long drive to feel that lost love and romance again! 

married-6-roy-jaqueline-ranbir-car-couple-infatuated-crush-loveImage source/ AA Films

7. Book a couple spa. Relax and rejuvenate together, enjoying the sauna and sipping warm herbal tea!

How about having a soothing spa date with you guys remembering your old golden days? Sometimes it’s okay to feel nostalgic and blessed at the same time for the fact that you both are together in life! 

married-7-spaImage source

8. Take a day off, switch off your phones, and enjoy a lone day together. Give each other a back rub, try clumsily at baking a cake or simply cuddle and sleep!

Let’s keep this one in the list of lazy date ideas with husband and very cozy at the same time. This one, we would say, is a must-try! 


9. Make a tent on the terrace and spend the night in it under the starry sky!

Now we are talking, right? These date night ideas with husband make you go to the teerce right now and plan everything? What are you waiting for? This one can either be a surprise or a team work. Whichever it is, the result would leave you craving for more such dates! 

married-9-tent-terrace-couple-cute-ideaImage source

10. Go museum hopping!

Are you both art lovers? You both love to explore? Great! Book your tickets and visit the nearby museum to make your own little love stories using your crazy imagination. It will be a lot of fun you guys! 

married-10-museumImage source

11. Declare it a game night and play your favorite board games in bed. Have a gift ready for the winner!

If you wish and want to, you can convert ideas like these into hot date ideas for married couples. Look for games that are a junction of love and lust to turn the heat and romance that you feel is missing. 

married-11-yes-excited-win-yipee-nargis1Image source

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12. Go to a concert together and lose yourself to it’s beats!

Just like how you used to do in your college days! Marriage doesn’t mean leaving your couple habits in the past. It means enjoying together irrespective of your marital status. Feel like doing it, just do it! 

married-12-concert-stage-show-party-eventImage source

13. Go cycling in the park and enjoy children’s swings together. Don’t forget to take lots of pics!

Once in a while, behaving like kids and becoming one of them feels like therapy. There should be no shying away from enjoying with your husband in the garden with kids and on swings that are not meant for you (lol).  

married-13-parineeti-arjun-swing-park-love-couple-fun-enjoy1Image source/ Yash Raj Films

14. Play MasterChef in the house and give each only 1 minute to gather raw materials to cook the other something out of them. Then begin the challenge!

One of the most fun or also romantic ideas for married couples at home, see what your better half can cook for you. To make it even more fun, keep some stakes to make it challenging. Let us know your experience below! 

married-14-vicky-donor-ayushman-yami-cooking-enjoy-couple-foodieImage source/ John Abraham Entertainment- Eros Entertainment

15. Take turns to paint each other’s faces and have a good laugh looking at yourself in the mirror!

Sounds interesting, right? It’s more than what it sounds like. Try once and you’ll love all those laugh attacks! 

arried-15-painting-face-cute-couple-love-disneyImage source

P. S. Do not worry or feel guilty if you have to tuck your kids in bed early some days or ask a friend or relative to look after them so you can spend time with your spouse. You deserve it, and they understand it too.

Now that you have a whole list of romantic date ideas with husband, let us know what your plans are! 

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