14 Things Anybody Who Is Single Will Agree That It Happens

what do single people do

Being single can be tough, especially when all your friends may be in a relationship or are at least on the fence. It’s not that it’s a curse, though.

Even being a single girl or a single guy can be a lot of fun. But who is anybody to say that? Some things can truly be understood only when you are too actually and hopelessly single.

1. Are you even single if you don’t see couples making out around you? It’s like the entire nature conspires against you to show you couples making love when you are single

single-1-sonam-aisha-bored-disgusted-whatever-ugh-alone-frienhds-gmail-eImage source: PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company

2. Oh! That harsh feeling that you’re not a part of the gang you’re hanging out with. So, with all of this kept in mind, you can feel a little more like the third wheel as well.

single-2-tall-2b-diana-penty-cocktail-crying-sadImage source: Eros International

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3. Beware! It’s a trap. All they want is to tease you with this question. What do single people do? Do NOT answer anything.

single-3-namaste-frustrated-deepikaImage source: Reliance Big Pictures

4. And it’s the law of nature, that all these aunties will do is try to make it look like they want to set you up with someone. But, they will be just playing around.

single-4-deepikaImage source: Reliance Big Pictures

5. No matter what, whether you tell them how much you are content with yourself, they will still try to tell you how being with someone would be better for you?

single-5-jaane-tu-ya-jaane-naImage source/ Aamir Khan Productions- Excel Entertainment

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6. That moment when you want to completely deactivate your Facebook account because all you see on your timeline is people getting married and posting pictures with their partners. This is one of the things single people do.

single-6-propose-engagement-ring-couple-ayushman-sonam-bewakoofiyaanImage source/ Yash Raj Films

7. What do single people do in such a case? They just laugh it off

single-7-photoshoot-preweddingImage source

8. Ever tried dating apps and got tired of how people on the platform are not there for a serious intent? Well, you can surely try TrulyMadly if that’s the case.


9. Time to puke now! All you have to do is make an angry or haha react to that post, and move on. Let them struggle with the embarrassment.

single-9-ashamed-sad-embarraseed-wrong-deepika-desi-boyz-realize-mistakeImage source/ Eros International

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10. Oh! If only punching people, for this reason, wasn’t a crime, imagine how many people you’d have punched by now. That’s what single people want to do to those who give them unwanted advice

single-10-action-9-hrithik-agneepath-angry-fightImage source: Eros International

11. Simply ask them to be in your shoes if they think so rather than making guesses. Also, being single is good, but being happy when you’re single is better.

single-11-short-6-rani-no-one-killed-jessica-hot-sexy-shut-the-fuck-up-angry-madImage source: UTV Spotboy

12. Cuddling, no matter who you do it with – living or dead like a pillow, it’s always worth it.

single-12-again-10-thinking-love-crrush-ashiqui-2-shraddhaImage source: T-Series- M M Films

13. Damn! Romcoms are so beautiful that the fun comes to an end when you get in a relationship. This is why you tend to remain single so the fun can never come to an end.

single-13-spend-12-varun-dhawan-watching-tv-crying-sad-senti-humpty-sharma-ki-dulhaniaImage source: Dharma Productions

14. So, why would you mind that you’re single? You’re not minding it. It’s just the people who have to mind their own business. Clear!

single-14-sonam-aisha-please-mock-sarcastic-annoyed-talk-proud-attitudeImage source/ PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company

So these were the 14 things anybody who is single will know to be true. If you are also a single person, you may have also gone through this torture. Let us know if there is anything that happens with you which you wish to share with other people.

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