13 Reasons Why You Would Definitely Not Be Dating Him

Some people just have it in them… Not to impress you but to definitely to disgust you beyond limit!! Every girl no matter who she is has this utter misfortune of knowing or shall I say bump into such an (pardon me or not) idiot once in her life for sure. And when you do meet him, you know it immediately, this is the last time you want to see his face!

1. He has a killing set of abs but you only know it because of his 6 out of 9 shirtless or half way unbuttoned shirt pics.

image source/ T-Series

2. And out of those, 4 of them have him posing with a big a** gun with a caption that reads, ‘Main hoon shikari’.

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

3. He actually called you babe when you met him for a coffee for the first time.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures- Dharma Productions

4. He has a tattoo of a bleeding heart surrounded by thorns on his chest.

Man Showing Tatoo on Chest
image source

5. And that could have been ignored if he did not tell you his dukhbhari love story behind it and suddenly excused himself  to go wipe his tears in a corner.

image source/ MD Productions

6. He refused to remove his aviators even when conversing with you from across the table unless of course he had to wink at you when giving you a thoroughly observant remark compliment.

Yash Raj Films

7. His favorite TV show is roadies.

image source

8. He yaps about for 20 long minutes in seriously broken, wounded and handicapped English about his London connections.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. And this is why he yelled at the waiter when he couldn’t get him a cup of Earl Gray.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

10. He doesn’t work… Actually no. It’s just that ‘he doesn’t have to’.

image source

11. He laughed when you asked him which is his favorite book…. ‘Read seriously’?!!

T-Series- Rawail Grandsons Entertainment and Software Pvt. Ltd.- Sohail Khan Productions- Eros International

12. And gave you a smirk looking at you from head to toe when saying ‘bye’ and took a lingering hands in hands promise from you to see him again.

Dharma Productions

13. What about tomorrow?!! Yes, tomorrow would be great…. he has some work very close to your house.

image source/ Eros International


image sourceFeatured image sourceYash Raj Films
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