13 Pure Evil April Fool Pranks on Boyfriend This Year

april fool pranks

Couples who play together, stay together.

There is no other day than April Fool’s to show your bae your true prankster side. You two are bound to get lots of fun and laughs pulling each other’s legs…

Yes, if you are diving in headfirst with an evil most prank on your beau, be ready for the repercussions as well. Call for a fight and be ready for a full-on war!

But a few things to keep in mind before you pull on your merciless evil cape.

1. Know when to stop.
2. Be prepared for a strike yourself.
3. Practice running. You’ll need it.
4. Get ready for some deadly frowns and silent treatments. And….
5. Keep your Handycam running!!

Now, go beat that a**.

1. Stick large Googly eyes on their wind-shield and watch them freak out when they settle down in their seat and notice that giant pair of eyes staring back at them!

Make sure you record this moment. These Googly eyes are available for a low price in stationery shops. One of the best pranks to do on Boyfriend that’s also harmless as well

prank-1aImage source: wikimedia

Image source: Tumblr

2. Change their ringtone to something highly ridiculous and embarrassing.

What’s next? Call them when they’re in a meeting or with someone they can’t afford to be embarrassing. Sounds evil, right? Do it!

14 Pure Evil Pranks To Play On Your Beau This April Fool's DayImage Source: Eros International

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3. Keep ready a mixture of sprite and soy sauce to look exactly as coke and pour them a glass when they come to your place.

Be sure to pull out this April Fool’s prank at a place where it’s easy for you to clean the space. Otherwise, the joke will be on you in no time.

Image source

4. Or Roohafzah. Only, it will be raspberry jelly set in glasses.

This could be a silly prank to do on your boyfriend as when he’s picking up the glass, he might notice that the liquid isn’t jiggling.

prank-4-roohafzahImage source

5. Change all their electronics’ language to some highly illegible foreign one, say Japanese or German.

Make sure that at least you know all the steps to change the language. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a hard time finding your way out to change the language again.

prank-6-text-japaneseImage source: Giphy

6. Register their number on a website like olx or quickr for selling his beloved bike or maybe, house. And have fun watching them getting irritated with the inquiring phone calls.

Watch them struggle with people wanting to buy their stuff. Also, make sure you have the access to the account so you know when to delete the listing. 

prank-6-men-5b-guys-like-8-ranbir-kapoor-call-phone-shit-oh-no-crap-dislike-ajab-prem-ki-gazab-kahaniImage courtesy: Yash Raj Films

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7. When he’s in the bathroom or engrossed watching a movie at your place, stuff his shoes with tissue papers so he can’t get his feet in.

Environment tip: Don’t waste blank or unused paper to pull out this April fool prank on boyfriend or girlfriend.

Image source

8. Fill his phone with pics of a beautiful girl or random sleazy pics and act as if you happened to discover them while playing a game on his cell. Now wail and fight with him over him cheating on you.

Ahh! Imagine he accepts everything and ends up showing you the pictures of another girl? Well, it could either turn out to be a reverse prank.

Image source: Tumblr

9. If you are out with your gang, take your friends’ help and start a scene sobbing and accusing him of calling you a fat cow.

You dress pretty well, don’t you? So this April fool, try to dress the worst possible and ask your partner for lunch or dinner in your favorite restaurant, convincing them you like what you’re pulling out for the day (you are looking hilarious, though). That look on their face will say it all! 

14 Pure Evil Pranks To Play On Your Beau This April Fool's Day
Image source

10. While he’s sleeping, stick a fake and extremely girly tattoo at the nape of his neck and enjoy his confused looks when people eye him with amusement.

Yell at him and tell him how he cheated on you because he got himself a tattoo. Let him go through hours into thinking how and when he got himself tattooed. 

Image source: imgur

11. Keep a bunch of fake hair matching to that of your girlfriend’s in your hand and while she’s busy surfing net, act as if you cut her hair by pulling her hair gently and making the sound of snapping scissors near her ear. Now watch her yelp!!

It’s revenge time!

She’s played all sorts of pranks on you, and now it’s your turn to do the next. Make sure you don’t tell her about the prank till she’s done realizing that you’re not faking it all.

prank-12-hair-cutImage source: Imugr

12. If your bae smokes, dip her cigarettes in Orajel so her lips will go numb.

But please don’t dip all of the cigarettes, because you know? Cigarettes are expensive af!

Image source

13. Or scare them all day with cryptic messages warning them of your most evil prank to watch out for but do nothing at all. Your prey will go crazy being extra cautious and startling at every small thing, awaiting your prank.

Enjoy your partner getting extra cautious for menial things and keep warning them of a bigger prank that you’re about to pull off.

Image source: tumblr

So, these were some of the best 13 pure evil April fool’s pranks on boyfriend and girlfriend. Let us know which prank you liked the most..

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